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2. FIFA ELO system

Presuming that you win all 4 matches, all the opponents that you beat on your way may still get promoted together with you. In real football, you need to finish ahead of someone else to gain promotion.

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In FIFA, you need to get a certain amount of points to get promotion. As for the season length, you only get to play a maximum of 10 matches.

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Win one extra match and you are promoted. Lose on extra match and you are relegated. Staying in division 5 10 seasons in a row is considerably more difficult to achieve than to get promoted into division 4. While this may sound absurd, thing about this:. You need between 10 and 15 points to stay in division 4.

How ELO matchmaking picks your next opponent - FUT facts

Zombies Games Plants vs. Tapped Out The Simpsons: September Says none were found. I have a hard time believing no one is available three days after the game came out so something is clearly up. Have tried turning off local matchmaking preference and hard restarting the console. Playing on Xbox One. Message 1 of 47 30, Views.

FIFA 18 Online Seasons

Are they able to find opponents? Do you have FIFA 16? Can you find opponents in that game? I don't respond to Help Requests sent via Private Message.

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Message 2 of 47 30, Views. I don't know anyone else with the game in my area, I'm in southwestern Ontario. I'll try power cycling, thanks. Message 3 of 47 30, Views.

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September You could try there, although there may be more legitimate problems finding people to play in that game. Did you play the EA Access trial and were you able to play online there?

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Thanks Please make sure to Accept Solutions and give XP when someone has provided you with assistance. Message 4 of 47 30, Views. October Power cycle didn't work, my regional settings look fine.

Jim Sterling: EA Proposes Unfair Matchmaking To Raise 'Player Engagement' & Monetization

Didn't go online when I had the trial. Message 5 of 47 30, Views. Message 6 of 47 30, Views. October lol live in ontario toronto to be exact and have same problem. Message 7 of 47 30, Views.