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Are you aware of any ways to know if a man is marriage material from afar? How about when you get up close and personal?

In today’s day and age, it’s quite challenging to figure out if someone you’ve just met and are kind of falling hard for would be a good long-term partner.

Do you look at his dating history? If he’s only had long relationships, does that mean he’s not afraid to commit? What if it means he wants to live a little and try something else for a change? Are you aware fo the signs you’re with the man you should marry?

When it comes to marriage dating, there are so many angles that if you try to master them all, you’ll just give yourself a huge headache and won’t get far. That’s why we’ve decided to break it down into 3 simple tips that work pretty much 99 percent of the time.

Here are the top 3 tips on how to know if he is the right guy for marriage or how to know if he’s marriage material.

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1. Look At His Social Age

The first tip for understanding how to know he’s the one to marry is to find out how socially mature he is.

His ID may say he’s 24, 35 or 46, but what matters far more is his social age, which you can figure out if you spend enough time together.

Some guys feel good and are ready to settle down and commit in their 20s while others still feel they shouldn’t rush into anything in their 40s.

Men who are psychologically mature enough to do whatever it takes to make a relationship work are those who offer stability to themselves and others.

This is where you have to keep your eyes and ears open because actions speak much louder than words. He might tell you he’d like to get married soon and start a family but is his life in order?

Is he respected among his friends or well-liked because he’s a risk-taker or the life of the party?

Obviously, you want the former because if he’s such a social butterfly that he goes out every weekend and drinks himself into oblivion, rest assured he’s not ready, and may never be.

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2. His Lifestyle Matters

Don’t expect a man to change pretty much ever. He’s come this far and despite the fact he’ll change over time because he’ll simply have to adapt to new life circumstances one way or another, he’s not going to change your ways for you.

Does he have a good job that brings security and stability? Is it the kind of job you’d like to talk to you parents about over dinner? Or is it more likely to impress your 22-year-old sister?

Men who are ready to settle down spend most of their time building something they’re proud of. They don’t move frequently, switch jobs every several months or change their circle of friends.

Your new beau has marriage on his mind if he makes you feel safe in his presence like you could trust him no matter what. Does he make you feel like you could put your hand in his, and let him take you whenever he wants? If the answer is yes, you’ve got yourself a keeper.

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3. Check Out His Friends

Most marriage matchmakers tell you to look at his relationship with his mother, but what actually matters more at this point is who he socializes with. Are his friends mostly single people who like to party into the wee hours of the night?

Are they married with a couple of kids? Are they his age or are you noticing a discrepancy that is hard to explain, like him hanging out with a much younger crowd?

Our lifestyles, values, beliefs, and goals are usually mirrored in those of our friends, provided we have a tight inner circle.

That’s why you shouldn’t ignore his buddies when determining whether your latest squeeze stands a chance to turn into something more serious. If they’re settled down, chances are he wants to go down that road as well.

If they’re DJs, single party animals or weirdoes playing video games all day and leaving the house because their lives depend on it, he’s probably just like that as well.

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