Skeptics keep wondering: “Is love at first sight real?” Those madly in love keep wondering: “Is love at first sight real?” The scientists also keep speculating: “Is love at first sight real?”

In the end, they all probably want to know the answer to the question as love, at first sight, might be the most beautiful feeling one can experience. So, we all want to know is love at first sight true? Or is it a dangerous illusion?

What is love at first sight like?

Most of us have felt it. You go about your day and life, unsuspecting, and then it hits you. All it takes is a look, a smile, a smell. And you’re toasted! It’s the most amazing thing. A guy meets a gal, a gal meets a guy, and they just fall in love at first sight.

Those around them might envy them, or secretly wait for it to end the same way it has started. But you never know with falling in love at first sight. Its course is equally unpredictable as its start.

There are many lovers at first sight that fall out of love as fast as they fell into it. And then there’s love at first sight that ends in a lasting loving marriage. So, what is love at first sight and why is it so exciting?

Is love at first sight real according to science?

Poets have always wondered: “Is love, at first sight, real?” using the most mesmerizing words to describe it. But, what does modern science has to say about this phenomenon, as old as the human race? Is love at first sight possible?

When neuroscientists deliberate on romance, they have a completely different take on the question “Is love, at first sight, real?” than the lovers do.

They think in terms of neurotransmitters and hormones. And according to them, yes, definitely yes – love, at first sight, is possible!

It’s a sort of a perfect storm in our brains. We meet someone, something clicks, and our brains get flooded in chemicals that keep pulling us closer to that person.

According to neurologists who have researched it, the brain of someone who fell in love, at first sight, looks a lot like a brain of a heroin addict! Do you still wonder: “Is love at first sight real?”

What does love, at first sight, mean psychologically?

If you do still have doubts about it, they’re probably founded in an issue of how do you know love, at first sight, is a psychologically smart thing to pursue?

In other words, chemistry is there, neurology documented love at first sight, but what happens to the couple once there’s the second and the third sight?

Is it possible to fall in love at first sight and expect it to be a good thing for you? This isn’t an easy question to answer in psychology.

There are findings that teach us about the impeccable nature of our first impression when we meet someone. We all have very good instincts and our first impressions rarely fool us.

On the other hand, for a relationship to be successful, factors that really don’t come up when you fall in love, at first sight, are crucial.

For example, matching values, personalities that get along well, shared aspirations, all that builds a lasting and healthy relationship.

When you fall in love at first sight, you’re hooked before you get a chance to think about such “requirements”.

So, can you fall in love at first sight and make it work long-term?

Instead of wondering: “Can you fall in love at first sight?” (yes, you can, even you, skeptics), you should wonder: “How do you know if it’s love at first sight that will last beyond the first sight?” Although many such flings remain just that, flings, you should try and transform it into a lasting relationship.

To do so, maybe you should start with a quiz that will help you find out if you’ve met your soulmate. Even if it doesn’t respond to your question, it will definitely make you think of some important aspects for you to consider regarding your new love.

As with everything else, the best path towards a healthy relationship is through working on a healthy self. So, don’t focus merely on how enthralling your partner is, think of what you want for yourself too.

Think in terms of how well you communicate, how well you cope with stress individually and as a couple, what you both want out of your individual lives and your relationship.

Not the most fun thing to do while you’re enjoying the miracle of love at first sight, but a needed endeavor if you wish your enchantment to be transformed into a lifelong wonder.

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