We surely have no control over whom to love, but we have control over whom not to love. There come ups and downs in every relationship. Some couples are able to deal with it whereas sometimes situations are beyond control and the only solution that they have is to part their ways.

Someone has said it right –

It’s easy to love but difficult to forget.

It’s quite usual to miss someone after a beautiful relationship has ended. People do guide on love, but not many know tips on how to not miss someone, and this is essential.

When you miss him or her, you surely can feel the void in your life, and that emerges as the biggest hurdle in your daily routine. So, here are some quick and tested tips on how to stop missing someone.

1. Don’t expect magic to happen

We are not living in a wizarding world where we have a friend as smart as Hermione who can just swing her wand and say ‘Obliviate’, and we will forget everything about a person instantly.

It’s a real-world with no such spells and no wizard to help us in need. So, give it time. If you want to stop missing him or her, you have to give it some time. Such things don’t erase from your mind overnight.Related-  Ways to Tear Down the Dividing Wall Between You And Your Partner

2. Accept the reality

When you miss him or her, your problem won’t be solved if you’re still living in the dream world. You must get yourself out of it and accept reality.

Accept the fact that they’re gone from your life. Once you’ve acknowledged the fact, you have moved a step towards a solution to how to stop missing someone you love.

3. Write down your feelings

Wondering how to get over someone you miss!

Bring out all the thoughts and memories you have of them. Their memories don’t let you forget them. When you start writing things down, you bring out all those memories out of your mind, which eventually help you overcome when you miss him or her.

4. Appreciate goodness around you

Looking for ways on how to stop missing him or her? Well, start to embrace good things around you. It’s usual for us to ignore the goodness when we are in pain.

However, the moment we start diverting our attention from the pain towards some of the best things around us, we would slowly forget the reason for the pain. This is how life evolves.

How to navigate your thoughts towards productive activities

When you’re finding your way out, when you miss him or her, you must find some activity that will not only divert your attention but will also make you a better person. There ought to be some activity or hobby you desired for.Related-  How Do You Survive A Difficult Marriage?

It’s the right time when you start to navigate your thoughts towards this productive activity  that will help you forget the pain you recently went through. Keep yourself occupied and emerge as a better person post-breakup.

1. Let go off their belongings

How to get over missing someone? Let go off their belongings. When you see their belongings right in front of you eyes day in day out, it becomes harder for you to erase their memory from your mind and life. As soon as it’s over, you must give them back their belongings or just give it away.

Keeping a single piece as a memory can’t let you forget them.

2. Think negative about them

As humans, we have both positive and negative attributes. When you start loving someone, you see all the good attributes. So, when you miss him or her, start talking about the negative attributes.

This way, you would be directing your mind to start hating that person. This will turn the good memory into the bad, and it will be easy for you to forget them.

3. Communicate and socialize

One of the most common things that we all do when we go through a breakup is we isolate ourselves. We start missing him or her and wish to spend our days just thinking about the good old days we spent with our loved ones.Related-  6 Positive Thoughts for Those Who Need Marriage Help

What to do when you miss him or her? Go out. Meet friends. Socialize. Do things you never did for a long time. Communicate your feelings with your friends and keep yourself busy as much as you can.

4. Restrain yourself from contacting them

‘Is it ok to tell a guy you miss him?’ No. ‘Should you tell a guy you miss him?’ No. These are some common questions every girl asks when they go through a breakup. This also applies to guys as well.

When you miss him or her, you would try to win their heart back and would try to put your point through by contacting them in every way possible. For them, this is stalking and no one would appreciate this act.

So, stop contacting them if you really want to forget them.

5. Block them on social media platforms

This is essential given the point we live in a world full of social media platforms. So, when you miss him or her, there will be chances of you checking out their social media platforms.

Block them and remove them from your all social media platforms. This will help you forget them easily and quickly.

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