Anxiety is a real pain in the butt for all those suffering from this disorder. I mean, some people will sometimes feel anxious when challenged with some important things in their lives but for all of us who are not so lucky, it means living and fighting day by day. There are some things that you need to know about all those girls suffering from this disorder in order to understand them fully and to help them to some extent to overcome it.

So, let’s start:

1. Our anxiety has nothing to do with you

Even if you think we act like jerks, you should bear in mind that we can’t control it. Our anxiety makes us feel that way and we can’t help it. The catch is we can’t enjoy our lives to the fullest because of the constant worry that something bad will happen to us. So, don’t analyze things and don’t bother your pretty, little head with our behavior. If you see that we are not in the good mood and that we don’t want to hang out,  don’t take it too personally.

2. We know we are sometimes irrational

Being anxious about something that might happen is our constant worry. And even if things turn out in our favor, we will feel the same every time something new happens in our lives. That’s the way that cookie crumbles. And we can’t help it.

3. Being anxious hurts

Girls with anxiety will constantly worry about things that will happen and they believe that everything will end in the worst scenario ever. There are some physical symptoms like dizziness, lack of air, sweaty palms and fear that something bad will happen to us. Even if we try to calm down, there are triggers that can bring all these symptoms back. So, before you judge us, know these things.

4. We don’t like to socialize

Girls with anxiety rarely go out and mingle. They have their ‘safe’ people who they trust and for the rest of people, they put up a huge wall like the Great Wall of China. Going out and interacting with others can be a mission impossible. We analyze things over and over again and every question starts with: “What if?” From my experience, I can only say that this sucks. You are just sitting there while your life is passing you by and you can’t do anything about it!

5. Don’t tell us to relax

The worst situation is when someone tells us to relax and enjoy. It is easier to say than to do something. You haven’t been in our shoes so you don’t have a clue what we need to go through to actually put smiles on our faces. Just be there and keep your mouth shut, okay? We have already suffered enough!

6. Panic attacks are real

And they are draining our heart and soul out of us. After a panic attack, we just want to go to our oasis of peace and sleep. Sleep to forget. Sleep to get some rest. Sleep to prevent ourselves from going crazy. For all those who don’t know about panic attacks, I can just say they are freaking scary. You are sweating, you can hear your strong heartbeat, you are feeling dizzy but you actually can’t control it. And the same story goes on and on every single day. So I ask you, could you handle this?

7. We have moments of brilliance

Anxious girls are always going an extra mile to act as normal as they can be. Going to a grocery store to buy ingredients for lunch can be as scary as the worst horror movie ever. So, before you judge us that we are too lazy to actually improve our lives, think about all those things that we working on every day to get ourselves out of our living hell.

8. We are grateful

We are grateful for every single person who makes our everyday lives easier. We are grateful every time we overcome a problem. And what is most important, we are grateful for small things that happen to us. Because that is what counts the most.

9. We know living with us is hard

So, I want to thank you for sticking with me in my moments of horror. Thank you for being a real friend or a lover. Thank you for putting up with all my mood changes and actually understanding I can’t control most of the things happening to me.

10. We want you to learn more

We need you to actually understand that the struggle is real. We need you to tell us everything will be okay and that we should relax.  And what is most important, make us laugh every day, because laughter is the best medicine.

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