It’s not you, it’s me—the biggest lie ever!

Does it ring any bells?

I bet all of you have had an awkward situation like this.

You think everything is okay. You think you have found your soulmate who is a caring and loving person.

Until he comes one evening and says: “We need to talk”.

Then, he pops up those 5 nasty words: “It’s not you, it’s me”, wearing that puppy-eyed look.

You start to feel a roller coaster of emotions overwhelming you and you start to cry.

But after he says that, he thinks everything will be okay. Yes, it will be okay if I am a f**king retard!

But with my common sense, I can’t accept the fact you are leading me on.

Why are you such a coward?

Why don’t you stand in front of me and have your heart on your sleeve?

Tell me if you are not attracted to me anymore. Tell me if I gained some weight and you don’t consider me hot anymore.

Whatever the reason is just tell me, okay?

Because I won’t buy that cliché that it’s all about you.

The relationship is made of two people (3, 4, 5…as you like it) and the point is that each and every person has something to do with the breakup.

It’s not as simple as you think. Just pump your brakes and think about your partner for a second.

He or she would like to know where the problem was. For days to come. For partners to fall in love with.

So, just be honest. That’s the least you can do for the person you shared everything with.

You should bear in mind that everything will be revealed eventually.

Every lie, every secret.

Everything will be revealed and you can’t do anything to make it stop.

That’s the way that cookie crumbles.

So, my dear, if you don’t love me anymore just say so.

I am strong enough and I know I can handle the truth. We were just not meant to be and that’s okay with me.

I know it was difficult to live with a girl who wanted all or nothing. And I know you were fighting badly to keep us alive.

Unfortunately, our hearts stopped beating for each other.

And the game is over now.

So go ahead, find a new love, a new sky to live under and forget about the one who didn’t know how to keep you close.

And me….I will get over it, with a strong drink and a cigarette. I will cry my heart out and start again.

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