Everyone wonders what their wedding will be like one day—yes, even guys. They may not have Pinterest wedding boards filled with photos of the perfect towering cakes and bohemian style dresses, but even men daydream about who they will be standing next to on their wedding day. It’s only natural to think about who that special person will be. Sure, it’s impossible to predict, and there are millions of people out there who are destined for a happy marriage one day but have not even met their future spouse yet! Until then, it’s all a guessing game—right?

But what if it wasn’t totally a guessing game? What if there were some clues about who “the one” might be? What if, like with so many other areas of people’s lives, the stars had a little something to do with love destiny? Astrology can give people hints about many important things that could happen in their future. There are some couples that aren’t quite astrologically compatible in the long run, and there are others that have their fates written in the stars. Here are some astro sign combos that will end in marriage, and some that won’t make it down the aisle.

24Tying The Knot: Capricorn Girl + Leo Guy

A Capricorn woman and a Leo guy are a match made in astrological heaven. Capricorn women are super ambitious, but sometimes, they need to chill out and loosen up a bit. A Leo man will totally understand her competitive drive—just like her, he stops at nothing to get what he wants in life—but he’s also the life of the party. He’ll encourage her to work hard, play hard.

And make no mistake—these two will have a spectacular wedding that ends up being the talk of the town for months! They will plan every last detail to absolute perfection.

23Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Capricorn Girl + Libra Guy

A Capricorn woman might easily find herself attracted to a Libra guy. He’s cute, well dressed, organized and tidy—that’s the perfect package for a Capricorn woman, right? But the truth is that while these two will enjoy each other’s company for a while, they are just too similar to make it work. They both need to be with someone who represents qualities that they don’t have. They need people to shake them up and get them out of their shells.

But here’s the good news—they’re both mature, so their split will be amicable and they’ll stay friends.

22Tying The Knot: Aries Girl + Aquarius Guy

It takes a very special guy to persuade an Aries girl to settle down. She is carefree and spontaneous, always looking for the next adventure, and when she’s young she won’t even be sure if she really wants to get married. But she won’t be saying that after she meets the Aquarius man of her dreams.

He’s just as independent and headstrong as she is—but somehow, he manages to bring her back down to earth. Together, they manage to balance each other perfectly, and when they meet, the feeling of true love at first sight will surprise them both.

21Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Cancer Girl + Taurus Guy

There’s something about a Taurus’s man stoic nature that will naturally draw a Cancer woman to him. She is sweet, sensitive, and charming, and he won’t be able to help falling for her, even though something inside of him tells him right off the bat that this union isn’t meant to last forever. And he’ll be right—she doesn’t quite understand his perspective on life, and he won’t be able to support her emotionally in the way that she really needs.

The two of them will eventually part ways, and in the end, Taurus will probably move on faster than Cancer.

20Tying The Knot: Aquarius Girl + Gemini Guy

A Gemini guy, settling down and getting married? That’s right, it can happen—but not for just any girl. Everyone knows that Gemini men love to play the field, and they aren’t too eager to put a ring on anyone’s finger. But something about an Aquarius woman will make him think about an exception to the rule. Why?

It’s because she doesn’t chase him down like other women. She just does her own thing and waits for him to come to her. And wow, does this method work miracles. Soon, she’ll have him—and a diamond ring—wrapped around her finger.

19Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Aquarius Girl + Scorpio Guy

From the beginning, the Aquarius woman and Scorpio guy couple doesn’t seem totally stable. She is confident and secure, he’s more prone to worrying. She has a good group of friends that she likes to spend girls’ nights with, while he feels a little left out when she’s not around. Over time, she will feel like he’s being a bit clingy, and she won’t be able to accept it any longer.

It’s no question who is calling it quits in this relationship: the Aquarius woman will be the first to close the door on the romance. It’s for the best.

18Tying The Knot: Virgo Girl + Aries Guy

A Virgo woman’s friends might be a little surprised when she begins dating an Aries guy—after all, she’s rational, she plans every detail of her life, and she never starts her day without her exact schedule in mind. On the other hand, Aries men tend to start each day with a blank slate—they have no idea what lies ahead, and they would rather let it remain a mystery and enjoy the surprise.

But, he opens her up to a whole new world of exploration, travel, and risk, and in the midst of it all, she realizes he’s the one.

17Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Sagittarius Girl + Cancer Guy

A Cancer guy is never looking for a fling—he would always rather be with a girl who he could see himself marrying one day, even if that day is years into the future! On the other hand, Sagittarius women tend to run from commitment—why settle down young when her best years are still ahead?

Every once in a while, these two will decide to give dating a try, but it’s just too much for Sagittarius. She will feel stuck and tied down in the relationship, and she’ll have to give her Cancer man the “It’s not you, it’s me” talk.

16Tying The Knot: Leo Girl + Libra Guy

A Leo woman needs to be with a man who takes her goals seriously—she doesn’t want to be with a guy who has no plans for his own life, and she wants to marry someone who supports her own dreams wholeheartedly. And that’s why a Libra guy is the perfect match for her.

He doesn’t mess around when it comes to his career or finances, and he has never been a slacker. He’s in awe of her accomplishments when he meets her, and he knows from day one that he wants to put a ring on it and see her in a wedding dress.

15Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Leo Girl + Taurus Guy

In some ways, it seems like a Leo woman and a Taurus guy would be a great combo—but unfortunately, these two are only good together on paper, so to speak. In real life, it doesn’t work out so well.

Basically, a Leo woman may be a hard worker with a serious commitment to achieving her goals, but she wants her husband to be the kind of guy who can help her relax and have fun. And unfortunately, a Taurus guy is just not going to be that guy. He’s quiet, serious, and low maintenance, and he’s not right for her.

14Tying The Knot: Libra Girl + Sagittarius Guy

A Libra woman and a Sagittarius guy living happily ever after may seem like a work of fiction—but this crazy combo actually works surprisingly well together! When they meet, Libra might not know how to handle this guy—he’s the exact opposite of her in every single way. But what is it they say about opposites? Oh right—they always seem to attract!

That’s exactly what will happen with these two. They will fall for each other, confused about their feelings for a while, and then gradually accept that yes, this is really the right choice for both of them.

13Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Aries Girl + Pisces Guy

An Aries girl might feel butterflies for a Pisces guy, but unfortunately they aren’t meant to be together forever. While she won’t see it as a serious fling, and she won’t even feel the need to put a label on their relationship, he will find himself getting deeper and deeper in his feelings for her.

This will start to make her back off a bit, as she realizes that he has a very different view of the relationship than she does. She won’t want to hurt him, but she knows that she can’t drag out the inevitable.

12Tying The Knot: Virgo Girl + Capricorn Guy

When a Virgo girl and a Capricorn guy meet, it will be obvious to everyone around them that there is an instant spark. And their friends will be so happy for them—neither of these signs fall in love easily. They always seem to struggle to find other individuals that they are truly compatible with.

But when they finally find each other, it’s practically love at first sight, something that neither of them thought they would ever experience. Their wedding will be simple, but it will suit them perfectly, and they will remember it as the best day of their lives.

11Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Scorpio Girl + Gemini Guy

This is a particularly volatile combo—both of these signs will find themselves intensely attracted to each other as soon as their eyes meet, and although they quickly realize that they are polar opposites, they won’t be able to resist giving a relationship a try.

Unfortunately, Scorpio girls get attached quickly and tend to be super emotional, while Gemini guys pretty much just want to date around and then move on just as quickly. They are clearly all wrong for each other, and it’s a good thing they never even discuss marriage, because their breakup is a mess.

10Tying The Knot: Gemini Girl + Aries Guy

When a Gemini girl meets an Aries guy, she knows that she has finally found the one. What’s her major clue? The two of them are able to have fun together for a while without getting too serious about it, and after a few months she doesn’t feel any hesitation when she agrees to be his girlfriend.

With any other guy, that level of commitment would scare her—but with him, she feels like it’s totally the right choice. These two will probably travel the world together and go on all kinds of wild, crazy adventures on their incredible honeymoon!

9Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Cancer Girl + Scorpio Guy

There’s something about a Scorpio man that makes it tough for a Cancer woman to resist him. He is so incredibly different from her, but since they are both Water signs they end up having long, emotional talks into the night, discussing everything about their lives.

Even though both of them know that they are probably too different to make it work, they end up falling for each other. Unfortunately, being so emotional, they tend to fight a lot, which stresses out Cancer. She ends up feeling frustrated with the constant bickering, and in the end, she calls it off.

8Tying The Knot: Pisces Girl + Virgo Guy

A Pisces woman and a Virgo man will always bring out the best in each other. She is a daydreamer, while he is more rational. She has her head in the clouds sometimes, but he always has his feet planted firmly on the ground. And because of this contrast, they make a perfect duo.

She reminds him to be a little more creative and imagine bigger possibilities for himself, and he helps her stay focused and work harder to make her own dreams a reality. They need each other, and overall, they just make great partners through every stage of their lives.

7Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Scorpio Girl + Pisces Guy

Two Water signs together can absolutely walk down the aisle—but sometimes, this relationship will sink them. That’s exactly what happens when a Scorpio girl and a Pisces guy get together. With both of these signs, emotions are always running high, and there is just no telling how many times they will butt heads.

Being around them when they are arguing is so unpleasant, and their friends will quickly start warning them that this relationship might not be the right fit. It will take them longer to walk away than it really should, but when they do, they’ll be relieved.

6Tying The Knot: Libra Girl + Aquarius Guy

A Libra girl walks with her head held high. She takes a lot of pride in holding herself to a high standard in terms of the way she conducts herself, and she doesn’t stop for just any man. But here’s the good news—Aquarius guys go through life the same way, and these two signs end up together more often than not.

He doesn’t expect her to settle for less than she is worth—he’s the kind of guy who will properly court her. And she’ll be so smitten by his efforts—she can’t wait to flaunt that diamond ring.

5Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Taurus Girl + Sagittarius Guy

At some point in her life, a Taurus woman will probably fall for a Sagittarius guy because she thinks that it will be a fun way to spice things up. She pictures the two of them going on adventures, him introducing her to all of his fun, laid-back friends, and just hanging out and having a great time with no worries.

But she quickly finds that she can’t keep up with his carefree lifestyle—in fact, it truly exhausts her. She gets impatient with his refusal to plan and his lack of ambition. Needless to say, it won’t last.

4Tying The Knot: Pisces Girl + Leo Guy

The artsy Pisces woman with the high-powered, career-focused Leo guy? Yes, it can happen, and it works out much better than people might assume. A Leo man will inspire a Pisces woman to reach higher than she ever thought possible for herself. And she will bring out a whole new creative side to him that he never knew existed.

Simply put, being together makes both of them better versions of themselves. Their lives improve by a thousand percent when they get together, and having the coolest wedding ever and living happily ever after is totally in the cards.

3Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Gemini Girl + Cancer Guy

Can a Gemini woman really stick with a Cancer guy long term? As it turns out, the answer is no. Gemini women are a little too guarded for Cancer men, but at first he will enjoy the challenge. But as time passes, both of them will be forced to accept the fact that they just want completely different things when it comes to relationships.

She wants to enjoy being single and meeting new guys, while he wants to date the kind of girl that he could see himself starting a family with one day. Their relationship will be short-lived.

2Tying The Knot: Taurus Girl + Capricorn Guy

Put a Taurus girl in the same room as a Capricorn guy and at first they might not interact much—but as the night goes on and they loosen up a bit, they will find themselves unable to keep their eyes off each other.

These two make a great husband and wife team, and the moment that a Capricorn guy meets his future Taurus wife, he will find himself thinking, “She’s the one.” And he will not be able to get that thought out of his head until the day he sees her walking down the aisle to meet him.

1Won’t Make It Down The Aisle: Sagittarius Girl + Virgo Guy

These two will have a fling together, but it won’t end up being much more than that. At first, the Sagittarius girl will give the Virgo guy a chance, thinking that he might finally be the one to get her to settle down. But unfortunately for him, that’s not how it ends up panning out.

One day, eventually, she will meet the right guy and get married—but it’s not going to be him. The two of them envision completely different lifestyles, and neither of them wants to make the kind of compromises required for them to stay together forever.

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