When it comes to zodiac compatibility in romantic relationships it can truly seem like the success of a relationship was literally written in the stars, while other relationships just seem to be born under a bad sign. There are literally dozens of different possible combinations of the zodiac, and those pairings exist on a spectrum that runs from the best to the worst.

But of course, not all of them can exist on the middle ground. There are some that are the absolute best combo that you could find, while there are others that are the absolute worst, and if you want to know which ones are which then just read on!

10Written In The Stars: Leo & Sagittarius

When you put two fire signs together it can create a relationship that is explosive with passion, which is why a combination like a Leo and a Sagittarius is one of the best combinations in the zodiac. Their ability to communicate and understand one another comes naturally, so while the passionate Leo and the free spirited Sagittarius might be too intense for a lot of other people to handle they can really thrive off of each other’s energetic nature. Both signs love to enjoy life to the fullest, so when they team up to make that desire into reality then they really can’t be stopped.

9Born Under A Bad Sign: Virgo & Sagittarius

Virgos and Sagittarians have wonderful and unique qualities that make them the perfect partner for someone, but rarely the perfect partner for each other. Earth sign Virgo is very much grounded in praticality and have a realists outlook on life, whereas a Sagittarius loves to dream big and doesn’t hesitate to follow those dreams wherever they might lead. The typical Virgo values security more than almost anything, whereas a typical Sag values freedom more than anything, so those conflicting ideals can make for a very uncomfortable and difficult to sustain relationship, and if you have to force it then it’s just not meant to be.

8Written In The Stars: Libra & Gemini

Both Libra and Gemini are signs that are focused on different types of duality, which makes their partnership a perfect match. The sign of the twins often times lives up to its name, and being with a Gemini can feel like dealing with the energy of two people at once.

Luckily the scales can handle whatever a Gemini has to throw at them and knows how to bring balance to a sign with a lot of personality. This combination is an intellectual one, which is a relationship quality that Libras and Geminis both seek out more than nearly anything else.

7Born Under A Bad Sign: Capricorn & Aries

The combination of Capricorn and Aries can make for an interesting but sometimes nearly catastrophic relationship combo. Both signs tend to be very strong minded and set in their ways, but the ways that each sign prefers tends to be the complete opposite of the other. Aries is passionate, outspoken, and pays little mind to potential risks, whereas Capricorn is methodical, reserved, and likes to think through and plan their every move with precision. And what’s more, both Capricorn and Aries need to be in charge. With that much conflict and no room to compromise, it’s no wonder this is a no go pairing.

6Written In The Stars: Pisces & Scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio are two signs that can give off an air of mystery to most people, but luckily these two water signs operate on the exact same wavelength. Water signs are the signs of emotion and intuition, so while a Scorpio might seem secretive the Pisces is attuned enough to pick up on the subtleties of their personalities and feelings. Pisces is tapped into the softer side of their emotions, so the normally reserved Scorpio can feel confident in sharing their feelings with Pisces even though they’re normally so reticent. These two signs truly bring out the best in each other.

5Born Under A Bad Sign: Aquarius & Taurus

When Aquarius and Taurus collide it’s a relationship that is bound to be fraught with constant misunderstandings. Taurus may mistake the air sign Aquarius for a total airhead, while Aquarius might find Taurus to be an intolerably stubborn bull. The strong point of Aquarians is their uniqueness and willingness to explore unconventional ideas, while Tauruses are at their best when they’re embracing their grounded practicality, and unfortunately this zodiac pairing is more likely to quash these awesome qualities instead of enhancing them. And they’re both fixed signs, which indicates a decisiveness that works well for them in most circumstances, but not when they’re coming into conflict with each other.

4Written In The Stars: Taurus & Cancer

If a Taurus and Cancer decide to get together they’re sure to feel right at home with one another. One of the most powerful and beautiful qualities that these two zodiac signs share is their desire to nurture and comfort their partner, so when they get together they’ll feel comfortable and secure in their relationship and love.

They’re both very family oriented and love to build a strong foundation for their relationship, so they have an instant aptitude for creating a life together which is something they both desire. As an earth and water pairing, their love is sure to grow into something great.

3Born Under A Bad Sign: Pisces & Gemini

People born under the sign of Gemini are usually very intellectually driven and it seems like their minds can go a mile a minute. On the other hand, Pisces signs are very rooted in their emotions and intuitions and are quite sensitive to the people around them. It is for this reason that the gentle Pisces might feel offended by Gemini, and the Gemini is likely to value thoughts instead of feelings. Both signs are good at forgiving, but the rapid fire approach of the Gemini can leave Pisces with emotional whiplash, which is not a comfortable feeling for them.

2Written In The Stars: Aries & Aquarius

Both Aries and Aquarius cannot stand being bored, and the action oriented nature of Aries combined with the creative mind of the Aquarius means that both people in the relationship will feel like they’re maximizing their joy in life with one another. Aries signs often let their passions get ahead of their thoughts, so their willingness to speak their minds can leave some offended. Aquarians are natural born communicators and tend to value intellectual thought over feeling, so the sometimes abrasive Aries normally doesn’t have an affect on Aquarius. Opposites do attract, because often times they fit together like puzzle pieces.

1Born Under A Bad Sign: Libra & Cancer

The scales represent Libra, and it’s easy to see how those scales manifest themselves in a Libra personality. It is about balance yes, but Libra tends to think through the more extreme sides of any issue and look at them on either end instead of trying to meet in the middle. This line of thought can be confusing to some, especially someone like the emotional Cancer. Libra can be provocative which doesn’t suit the comfort loving Cancer one bit. And Cancers can be prone to hurt feelings, so Libra’s constantly changing and moving attitude can leave Cancer feeling downright crabby.

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