There are some situations and some relationships in which you give your best to someone who never deserved it. There are some relationships in which the person next to you simply doesn’t appreciate you the way they should.

There are some relationships in which you are giving everything you have to someone who simply doesn’t treat you the way they should or the way you deserve. When you waste years waiting for a change that never comes.

And when all of this happens, the only option you have is to walk away from this person and from this relationship.

When all of this happens and when you finally realize that you are spending years next to a selfish a**hole, the only option you have is to turn your back on him and to leave him in the past, where he belongs.

And this is exactly what you’ve done. No, it wasn’t easy but you knew it was something that had to be done.

So, you got the courage to walk away from the man who was never putting you first, from the man who never saw your true worth. You walked away from the man who never respected or loved you enough.

And this was one of the bravest things you’ve done in your life.

You realized that the things between the two of you would never change and you knew you were a strong woman who could move on with her life, even without this man’s presence.

But you kept wondering why this man let you go so easily. Why did he treat you the way he did during your relationship?

Yes, the truth is that he tried to stop you from leaving, promising you that he’d be different that time. The truth is that he tried to reach out to you months after your break-up.

He acted like he finally understood that he lost you and like he would do anything possible just to have you back. But there was nothing he could do at that point.

Because it it had become too late. You had cut him off for good and you weren’t even thinking about going back to him.

But it made you wonder. Why didn’t he do something to keep you before you left him? Why didn’t he put the effort in to prevent you from even considering walking away from him?

Because let’s face it—you didn’t leave him because you wanted to do so. You left him because he made you do it. You walked away because he let you go.

Because you realized that you deserved much more than that crappy relationship. Because you realized you deserved much more than settling for someone who never appreciated everything you were giving to him.

Because you got tired of you being the only one trying.

Being the only one putting in all the effort.

You got tired of him not appreciating you enough. Of him not seeing your worth and of him not doing anything to keep you in his life.

Well, the only harsh truth is that this man never loved you enough. Yes, I assume he kept telling you that he loved you when he saw that you were more than serious about this break-up thing.

I assume that during your entire relationship, before you realized the truth, you wanted to believe in his love. You wanted to believe that he was simply someone who didn’t know how to express his feelings or that he needed time to do it the right way.

But the truth is that he never loved you the way he should have.

The truth is that he was always taking you for granted. That he thought that he didn’t have to put an effort into your relationship because you were not going anywhere.

But you showed him how wrong he was. You showed him that you are a complete person who doesn’t need his presence in her life. You showed him that you can make it without him just fine.

And when he saw this, his ego was hurt. He simply couldn’t handle the fact that he obviously didn’t destroy you or your strength. He couldn’t handle the fact that you’d gotten over him and that you’d moved on from your relationship.

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