Have you ever been with a girl who is ready to give you the world if she sees that you are worthy of her love? But she is also ready to take it all back from you, the moment she sees you are not the man she deserves?

If you have, you know exactly what kind of girl I’m talking about. You know that she is not like everyone else and that she is someone you meet once in a lifetime.

And you know that this is not the type of girl you can take for granted. You know this is not a girl you can play mind games with. You know that this is not a girl you can lie to or a girl who you can manipulate the way you want.

At least, this is not something you can do if you wish to keep her in your life.

Yes, the truth is that she likes you—there is no doubt about that. She likes you a lot. She chooses you to be with her and she doesn’t have any problem admitting her feelings.

All of this doesn’t mean that she is ready to put up with you not treating her right. That she is willing to put up with you disrespecting her or not appreciating her sacrifices. That she is ready to be with you even though you decide to put her last.

That doesn’t mean she is ready to disregard her standards or deal-breakers or that she is ready to be the only one putting in all the effort.

Because she is definitely not.

This girl knows what a successful relationship should look like. And she knows it is always a two-way street.

Don’t get me wrong—she won’t ask you for much. She won’t ask for you to stop being the person you used to be or to disregard your life completely for her sake. She won’t ask for your full attention or every second of your time.

No, she is not selfish or self-centered. And she is anything but clingy or needy. After all, this is a girl who has her own interests and who doesn’t plan to stop existing as an individual just because she is a part of a relationship now. This is a girl who knows what she wants and she is never afraid to take it.

No, this doesn’t mean she is too picky when it comes to men. It doesn’t mean she wants you to be perfect and she doesn’t want a fairy tale.

She doesn’t need you treating her like a princess. She doesn’t expect you to complete her and she doesn’t need you to guide her through life.

She is just a strong woman who won’t be ready to settle for less than she deserves, despite all the feelings she might have for you.

And if you treat her right, be sure that she will give you the best of herself. Be sure that she’ll be the girl of your dreams and that she’ll love you like no other. If you give her back the effort she is giving you—trust me, it will be worth it.

Except this doesn’t mean she is a fool who will give you everything she has without you giving her anything in return. Because remember—this girl doesn’t need you, she wants you.

If you even think of treating her like your last resort or safety net—trust me, she will walk away from you without any second thought. She will leave you and she will never look back.

If you even think of making this girl your plan B, you’ll automatically become her plan bye.

Because she knows how worthy she is. She knows her own value and her qualities. She knows she has a lot to offer.

And she is not ready to settle for a man who won’t treat her right. She won’t settle for someone who will call her only when he needs her. For someone who is always too busy for her or for someone who finds everyone and everything to be more important than her.

She won’t settle for someone who isn’t sure about her or for someone who is having doubts about fully committing to this relationship. For someone who puts her second or who keeps her around until something better comes along.

She won’t settle for some boy who is too immature for a relationship or for someone who doesn’t know what he wants from life. For someone she doesn’t see a future with. For someone who isn’t as strong as she is and for someone who can’t be her equal partner in life.

And she definitely won’t settle for someone not giving her the love and respect she needs and deserves. For someone who tries to diminish her worth or for someone who doesn’t love her enough.

The truth is that there is nothing hidden about this girl. She’ll tell you her expectations right away and you need to be straight with yourself about deciding if you can meet them.

The only thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to choose her or lose her.

Just be aware of the fact that there are no second chances with this girl. If you screw things up the first time, it will also be your last.

If this is something you can’t handle and if she is the type of girl who intimidates you, be man enough to accept it in time. Be man enough to admit this to the both of you and let her go before it becomes too late.

But if you think you can meet these standards, trust me on one thing—you are about to have the journey of a lifetime.

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