A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain is an absolutely lethal combination. – Prabal Gurung

Just look around yourself. Stop for a moment and think about all the intelligent woman who are ‘fierceful’ in chasing their lives and I bet you’ll notice how they have amazing lives and can make everything work for them but struggle with finding love.

The truth is, the problem isn’t in finding love, the problem is in finding mature men who won’t complicate their lives, but add extra value to them.

If you take a minute and Google it, you’ll find a significant amount of research that indicates the smarter a woman is, the bigger the chances are that she’s single.

The times when women were judged based on their relationships status unfortunately aren’t completely behind us, but intelligent woman don’t really pay attention to this anymore. Intelligent women are not afraid of sleeping alone—they’re afraid of sleeping with a wrong guy.

There is a myth that smart and strong women are single because they’re only interested in men they can tame, but this couldn’t be more wrong. There are a few reasons why intelligent women have a hard time finding love and to crack all the myths, we bring you ten most common ones—so stay tuned!

Intelligent women are not afraid of being single.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people even today who enter a relationship just so they won’t be alone. An intelligent woman would never do anything like this. They know you owe it to yourself to always put yourself first because not many people are willing to do for you what you’re willing to do for them.

The catch with smart women is that they know it’s always better to be single than to be abused, mistreated, taken for granted and not loved the way they deserve. That’s the main reason why most of the smart women have cultivated their single lives. They know that your relationship status doesn’t define your happiness.

They’re able to see right through someone’s BS.

If you make an assumption that picking up an intelligent woman at the bar with some buls**t story will be a bull’s eye, then you better prepare to get turned down.

See, intelligent women don’t fall for the same talk ‘windheaded’ girls do. When someone tries to sell them a ‘bunch of fog’, they can spot it miles away. So they’ll rather choose to finish their drink alone in the bar then allow anyone to bore them to death with something they know is not truth.

They despise playing games.

With intelligent women, dating is really easy; they’re straightforward with how things stand. They don’t play games and most importantly, they never allow anyone to drag them into the game either.

Playing games, doing that on and off and then on again thing while ‘dating’ is something they’d never allow themselves to be a part of. And in modern dating, it seems like this is quite a trend. This might be one of the most important reasons why intelligent women have a hard time finding love.

They are turned on by intelligence.

Intelligent women are turned on by intelligent men. Natalie Portman said that smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women. You will never see an intelligent woman entertained by someone who isn’t that smart.

See, they want to be challenged. They’re competitive. They want someone who’ll constantly give them something to think about, someone who’ll make them grow. They’re searching for a partner who’s gonna challenge them to be their better version of themselves constantly and only a smart man can do something like that.

They don’t waste time on small talk.

They don’t want to know how’s the weather. They don’t want to gossip about other people. They don’t find it exciting to constantly listen to how you spent your weekend.

They want to hear real talk. They want to talk about your ambitions, about your goals and what are you planning to do to change your future. Smart women want to talk about things that could change the world—they most definitely don’t want to talk about the s**tty weather.

They know what they want.

… and they’re not settling for less. Nothing you or anyone else says will make them lower their standards or go after something they don’t want just because you expect them to. They’re willing to fall for someone truly, madly, deeply, but that someone needs to be worthy of their time, love and efforts.

They know what they’re bringing into a relationship. They’re aware they’re high value women and that’s exactly what they’re expecting to find in a man.

Their career is important to them.

See, intelligent women don’t put men on the top of their priority list. They have other priorities, too and they’re not willing to give up those priorities just like that.

Sure, they’re willing to invest in love and in relationships as much as they get, but you’ll never see them quitting their dreams and goals for love. It’s because years from now, they don’t want to look back and see they haven’t achieved their full potentials. They feel they owe that much to their daughters to whom they’ll be role models one day.

They don’t want to depend on anyone.

The thing with intelligent women is that they’re rarely weak. They never allow themselves to depend on anyone because they know they’d be left alone and unprotected, and that’s why they always take care of themselves.

They make sure they create good lives for themselves and they’re only willing to welcome partners who are gonna walk next to them—not partners who they’re gonna follow.

They can be intimidating at times.

What could you possibly offer to a woman who’s smart, has her life worked out, isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns and is more of a ‘man’ than half of the men out there? Very little—if we’re being honest.

The only thing she’s looking for is a man with brains and courage to follow a woman who knows what she wants in life. That’s why intelligent women can be intimidating to weak men. But it doesn’t matter because if you’re intimidated by an intelligent woman, then you’re not the one for her.

They’re selective with whom they trust.

Not everyone deserves to have a spot in the life of an intelligent women and most of these women are aware of that. That’s one of the main reasons why they’re selective with whom they trust.

They have a very small circle of close friends and people they confide in. They don’t really open up that much to others and this can also be one of the reasons why they have a hard time finding love. But the silver lining here is that not many people have a chance to break their trust or them either.

In the end, what we can conclude is that the smarter the woman is, the harder it is for her to find the right man. In most cases, they have their relationship goals set pretty high but never to the point of being unachievable.

Putting everything aside, there is one thing we should give intelligent women credit for: they don’t put their lives on hold for love. They don’t wait for anything or anyone. They live their lives to the fullest until God decides to send love their way. They’re a perfect example of how life should be lived.

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