1. Lack of effort

In theory, relationships should be based on mutual and equal efforts. However, the reality is something completely different. One partner always gives and invests more of themselves into the relationship.

As a result, that partner is taken for granted which leads to disappointment, and if this behavior continues, it can even completely ruin a relationship.

But this can also be solved easily. Talk openly with your partner, and say how you feel about their lack of efforts. Do little things for each other daily that show that you care.

2. Phone addiction

We store our lives on our phones. We spend more time engaged in social media than in our real lives. That’s one of the main reasons our relationships suffer.

Being addicted to our phones is the cause of most relationship problems. For example, if our partner spends a lot of time on their phone while with us and usually takes a long time to text back when he is not with us, we will get suspicious.

Not to mention that we lack attention and affection even though they are physically with us. A good idea would be to unplug, leave our phones aside and spend some much-needed quality time together.

3. Lack of trust

You can’t build a healthy relationship without trust. Sadly, it seems that nowadays, trust is something that most relationships lack.

Because of their prior bad experiences, people are unable to shake off that feeling that something bad will happen or that their partner will cheat on them like their ex-did.

First things first—don’t bring your past into your new relationship. Not all men are the same and your new partner shouldn’t be paying for the sins of your ex.

The second thing you can do here is talk openly with your partner, get to the bottom of things and work on the trust issues one or both of you have.

4. Fitting your partner into ‘the box’

We have preconceived notions of how our relationship is supposed to look and how our partners should behave. We have all these great but unrealistic expectations that are usually unmet.

Of course, we should look for some basic things like trust, respect and mutual efforts, but we can’t expect our partners to do all the romantic things our friends’ partners do for instance.

The thing is some of your expectations and relationship goals will never be met. But on the other hand, if we accept our partners for who they are, we will notice that they have some qualities that exceeded our expectations.

5. Not having a life outside of the relationship

There are some people who depend on their partners to be their everything. They lose sight of who they are outside of the relationship.

They forget about their interests, ambitions and goals. They even neglect the relationships they have with their friends and family.

Keep in mind that by putting yourself and your needs last, you are also damaging your relationship by being too clingy and needy. Your partner shouldn’t be your entire world but just a big part of it.

6. Finances

Money shouldn’t be a problem, but as it turns out, it’s one of the major challenges couples face. The issues two people in a relationship can have because of money can vary.

Whatever they are, they are solvable. You should sit down with your partner and talk. Establish clear guidelines and stick to them. Don’t allow something as trivial as money to cause your relationship to break.

7. Different priorities

Make sure you talk to your partner about your future plans, goals and dreams. You need to know if you are headed in the same direction.

If your opinions, viewpoints, and stands are not similar enough, you are bound to go your separate ways. Opposites do attract, but similarities are what keep you together.

8. Poor communication

Communication is the key to every successful relationship. But it happens so often that two people in the relationship spend the whole day without having a real conversation.

They get into some kind of rut. They stop noticing one another. They spend time watching TV, playing games on their phone, going on social media or what not.

That time would be better spent in conversation with your partner. This way your partner feels like you don’t care and that they are not as important.

That’s why all couples should make time in each day to ask their partners about their day, future plans and millions of other things.

9. Constantly checking up on your partner

This point is directly connected with the 3rd challenge which is lack of trust. Where there’s no trust, it’s easy to get overly jealous and check up on your partner constantly.

Work on your relationship and try to build that trust, if it’s possible. You will only suffocate a relationship by wanting to know your partner’s every move.

Work on yourself also. Focus on your own life and make it interesting. By doing that, you won’t have the time to obsess over your partner. It will do your relationship a great deal of good.

10. Fear of commitment

Let’s say you have been together for a while. It’s time to take that next step in your relationship, no matter how tiny, but you notice that your partner is pulling away.

No matter how great you guys have it and how almost perfect your relationship is, those inner fears sneak in and ruin everything.

People get scared that their relationship will cage them and make them feel trapped and suffocated. The worst thing to do here is force commitment. Give them space, and explain that they don’t have to feel pressured.

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