Everyone knows what we’ve been through. Everyone knows our strengths, weaknesses and the amount of effort we put into everything we do. But for those people who still can’t seem to understand us, especially men who don’t know how to appreciate the woman in their life, let me tell you what being a strong and independent woman is really like.

We are born as gentle creatures and that is our strength. It’s hard to understand this but women understand the world on a higher level and that’s why we always turn our weaknesses into something positive. We decided to show our gentle hands and fragile hearts to the world and that is the bravest thing we could have done. The strongest women are those with soft hearts.

Yes, it is hard. It is hard to be a woman in a man’s world. It’s hard because we get judged for everything. We get judged when we want to have kids and when we refuse to have kids; when we do have a job and when we choose to stay at home with our family. We get judged for the way we look, the way we feel, the way we dress and behave. The eyes of this world are constantly staring at us, waiting for our next move, because it’s wrong no matter what we actually do.

We have learned it the hard way. To be a strong and independent woman is not something you’re born with but it’s something you learn through years of experience in this world, many broken hearts, and sometimes even physical bruises and scars.

I don’t trust people anymore. When a man approaches me, I automatically read his body language to see if he’s a psychopath. I don’t want to go through that ever again. Because of men like him, I have learned that a woman doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy, she only needs herself.

Every strong woman knows that she needs to be her own biggest priority.We relied on men to give us the love and affection we needed in life. We wanted them to give us the attention needed to be happy but we were always just one option out of many. That’s why we now know that we need to be our own biggest priority.

I love myself and you should, too. It’s very important to understand that every woman becomes strong the moment when she decides to love herself fully and unconditionally. No matter what mistakes you make in life, no matter how many times you fall, the important thing is to continue loving yourself.

Every strong woman crashes. And when we crash, we crash really hard. This happens because of the fact that we have been too strong for too long and when the world comes crashing down on us, we stumble too. We crawl back into the corner of our room with anxiety, depression and all those other dark thoughts creeping around in our head . In these situations, I hug my knees and I cry, a lot.

We let go. Life has taught us that letting go is not a weakness but a strength that most people don’t have. When we let go of everything that makes us feel not enough, unworthy or unloved, we let go of people who disrespect us and it can lead to our own heart being broken, wounded and torn into pieces. But we know we will survive.

We’re independent because we don’t have any other choice. People are unreliable. Even though we love to rely on someone to take care of us, we still do it ourself, as it’s easier.

Being a strong and independent woman is hard but I would never change myself. Being a strong woman means letting go of so many things and people, while you walk with your head raised high so no one can see your tears. But it’s also the most beautiful thing out there, knowing that you are such an inspiration to other women who are going through the same s**t you went through.

Because you are—you are a strong woman. Someone who’s been through so much that you can’t even name everything that broke you. And this is what it really means to be a strong and independent woman—to be yourself. To love yourself and rise up every time you fall.

Because you can. Because I can. Because we can.

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