If you are lucky enough to have a woman by your side who really loves you, then you know that this woman is ready to do literally anything for you. You know that she will give you her entire self and that you’ll always be her number one priority.

A woman who loves you unconditionally will always be your biggest support and someone you can rely on, no matter what. She will hold your hand through thick and thin and she’ll always believe in you.

This woman will be your strength and your safe haven. This woman’s only goal is to make you happy and she will be ready to move mountains for this to happen.

The only thing this woman wants from you in return is to love her back. She expects you not to take her love for granted and to at least appreciate all the sacrifices she’s been making for the sake of your relationship.

You need to remember one thing: just because she loves you the way she does, it surely doesn’t mean that she’ll allow you to treat her the way you want.

It doesn’t mean that she would ever settle for being your last option or that she would ever beg you to give her crumbs of your love and attention.

And it definitely doesn’t mean she would accept you emotionally abusing her or putting her down in any way. No matter how much she loves you, this woman is strong enough never to put up with you diminishing her or not seeing her worth.

She expects you to respect her as a person and for everything she’s given you. She expects you to at least try and put some effort into this relationship.

But if this is something you can’t do, then you are screwed because trust me—she will be gone from your life before you even know what hit you.

If she sees that you are not the man she should be with, if she sees that you don’t deserve all the love she’s been giving you, she will walk out the door and she’ll never come back.

If she sees that you are not putting any effort in and that she is the only one trying, she will give up on you and she will leave you hanging. If she sees that you’ve started comparing her to other women or that you’ve betrayed her in any way possible, she will leave you.

If she sees that you are not ready to give her the level of commitment she is giving you, trust me—she will turn her back on you. If she sees that she would be wasting years of her life waiting for you to come to your senses, she will walk away.

If she sees that this is a one way-relationship, she’ll always choose to continue living her life alone, without you by her side. If she sees that you are only giving her parts of yourself, she will take her entire self away from you.

Remember that this girl has been strong enough to love you at your lowest point and you can be positive that she’ll be strong enough to leave you the second she sees that you don’t deserve her.

This woman has been strong enough to fight for you and for your relationship and she’ll definitely be strong enough to defeat her feelings and to leave you in the past, despite all the love she might have for you.

I’m not trying to scare you but when this happens, there will be no turning back because it will be too late for you to do anything. There will be no use in begging her to come back and promising that you will change. Once you realize what you’ve lost, and trust me, you will, there will be no second chances.

Because she will move on with her life as if you never existed. She will cut you off without a second thought. And she will get over you before you know it.

So please, don’t allow this to happen. Don’t make her walk away from you. Show her the amount of effort and respect that she deserves before she becomes tired and before she decides it’s time to walk away from you. Show her that you love her before it becomes too late.

Because if you don’t, you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting it.

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