When you left her, you shattered her heart into pieces. You caused her an unbearable amount of suffering which she didn’t know how to handle.

You left her hanging, feeling disappointed and like she was alone in this world. You left her doubting herself and questioning her worth.

For months, this girl cried herself to sleep, rolling around in her bed and thinking about you and everything you’d done to her. For months, she prayed to God for you to come back and for the two of you to continue exactly where you left off.

Yes, this was the period when she was ready to forgive you for leaving her and for hurting her in this way. This was the period when she was still blinded by the unconditional love she felt for you and when she was ready to do whatever it took just to have you back.

But luckily for her, this period is behind her now. Luckily, she finally realized that you never deserved a single tear from her eye. She realized that she can make it without you and that she doesn’t need you, even though she was sure she did.

She realized it is better for her to wait for a man who will think she is worthy. To wait for a man who will give her everything she needs and who will be proud to have her by his side.

The fact is that you were never that man.

She realized that you leaving her was actually the biggest blessing of her life and finally, after all the pain, she moved on. She didn’t forget about all the harm you caused her but she was strong enough to forget about you and about the way she loved you.

And that was the moment when you also realized some things. It was as if you felt that she had gotten over you and that she didn’t have any intention of taking you back. Suddenly, you started acting like you knew what you had done.

Suddenly, you started seeing this girl for who she really was. You saw that she was the only one who ever loved you for real. The only one who had your back and the only one who was ready to do anything just to make you happy.

Suddenly, you started missing her. You started telling her how sorry you were for everything you’d done.

You started acting like you were ready to do whatever it took just to make her come back to you. Like you were ready to change your ways just so she could love you again.

You started promising her the world. You started telling her that you would put more effort into your relationship and that you’d respect her more. You started telling her that you appreciated her and all of her sacrifices, now that you had seen that you had lost her.

Well, guess what? She doesn’t give a s**t.

And no, she isn’t cruel for feeling this way. She is just seeing things clearly and she has finally come to her senses.

The truth is that she doesn’t love you anymore and that she could never make herself love you again. That she doesn’t miss you and that going back to you is the last thing she wants.

She doesn’t believe a single word you say because you’ve shown her more than once that you are anything but trustworthy. And no, she doesn’t care if you change, she doesn’t care if you realized you love her now, because she got over you a long time ago.

Yes, she would have given anything to hear these words a while back. She would have been more than ready to take you back and to give you another chance. In fact, all of this would have been her dream come true.

But now, everything is different. Now, she has finally seen her worth and she has seen that you never deserved to have her. She has seen what kind of man you are and she has seen that you were never enough for her.

So please, for the first time in your life, act like a decent human being and leave this girl alone because you’ve done more than enough to hurt her.

Stop trying to win her back because you were the one who made her leave you. Stop trying to make her love you again because you were the one who let her go and the one who killed all the love she had for you.

You got what you wanted all along, didn’t you? So what exactly is the problem now?

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