There is this guy you would do absolutely anything for. You know you have strong and deep feelings for him and that is something you are not afraid to admit. You’ve never had trouble expressing your emotions and verbalizing your feelings and with this guy it is no exception. You want him to know how much you love him and how much you care for him. This man has been your priority since day one and you even put him in front of yourself. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for him. You are never too tired or too busy when it comes to him. You feel like you could move mountains for this guy’s sake. You accept him exactly for who he is and you love him with all of his imperfections. Although you love him at his worst, at the same time, you want for him to become a better man and you want him to become the best possible version of himself, so you always push him forward. This guy knows very well that you are the one who believes in him and who supports him, no matter what. He knows that you have his back in any circumstances and that you are the only one who will never leave his side. He knows that meeting his needs is always crucial to you and that you are never selfish around him. He knows how much you love him and that there could never exist a woman who could love him the way you do.

But none of it seems to be enough for him. Despite all of your efforts, despite all the sacrifices you’ve been making for him and despite all the love you’ve been giving him, this man simply doesn’t match your efforts. He makes different excuses, telling you that he is not ready to commit or that he doesn’t like labeling things. He always makes you beg for his attention and affection, while only giving you crumbs of his love. And with time, you have got used to those crumbs, thinking they are enough.

But that hasn’t prevented you from feeling humiliated and broken. It doesn’t prevent you from seeing that you are the only one putting in all the effort and it doesn’t prevent you from seeing that you are always the one chasing him.

This guy keeps leaving you and coming back to you as he pleases. Because he knows that you’ll always be waiting for him patiently. And most of all, because he knows you’ll be there to chase him.

Deep down, you know very well that he’d never chase you if you were the one who tried to leave him. You know very well that he would never settle for little tokens of your love and you know very well he would never do the things you have been doing for him all along.

But I am here to tell you it’s about time you stop doing all of this. It’s time you stop chasing him. Because it is more than obvious that this guy doesn’t appreciate you enough and doesn’t love you the way you should be loved. He doesn’t treat you the way you deserve and he never will. Stop chasing him because he obviously doesn’t want to be caught.

He just enjoys playing these mind games with you, because he knows he’ll always come out of them as the winner. He enjoys playing with your heart, because that is the only way for him to boost his self-esteem. This guy is just leading you on, because you are great for his ego, which is apparently very fragile.

I know all of this is the last thing you want to hear. I also know that deep down, you know it is the only truth and you just refuse to accept it. But this is something you need to face sooner or later. Because he will never change. And he wants you to run after him because for him, that’s the only way to confirm his value. He thinks he is a bigger man if he has you begging for him to come to his senses. This is the only way for him to feel wanted and loved.

Obviously, this guy has the wrong perception of what true love should be like and there is nothing you can do about it. If you stay by his side, you’ll only get yourself more and more dragged into this never-ending circle of you chasing him and him running away from you. With time, he’ll destroy your confidence completely and he will break your heart more than he already has.

So please, walk away from him now. Don’t do it to prove to him what he will lose and don’t do it to make him chase you. Do it for yourself and because it’s the only right thing you need to do if you want to be happy.

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