It sometimes seems easier to talk things through by text. You don’t have the pressure that a real face-to-face conversation brings and you have some time to think before you answer.

However, there are times when nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation. Even though it’s more stressful, it’s also more efficient and gives better long-term results.

There is no text or phone call that can replace the insights you get when you are faced with your partner. You are able to see their reactions and all the other aspects of verbal conversation right there and then.

You can judge the level of their sincerity, concern, and involvement in that matter, which is of great importance. It’s easier to see if someone is trustworthy when you see them in person.

Also, having a heartfelt and honest conversation bonds a couple more. They can solve their issues with more ease and kiss and make up on the spot, which is so much better than deciphering someone’s feelings and wondering if everything is good between the two of you.

Take a look at the things you should never say to your partner by text:

1. Major fallouts

Texting a simple, ‘I am sorry’ doesn’t quite cut it when you deeply wound someone. It seems like you don’t mean those words and you are only texting them to restore the peace so you can get back to your day.

If you are genuinely sorry for something you have done, knock on your partner’s door or ask them to meet with you in person. Talking things through and them seeing that you regret your actions is the only thing that can solve your issue.

2. Important information

No matter what it is about, you can’t send important information by text and expect that your partner will be okay with it.

Take into consideration how the news will affect them and if they will be able to handle it with ease. It’s better to wait and see them in person.

3. Criticism

If your partner has done something to offend you, hurt you in any way or he has done something that you have a hard time understanding, something that strikes you, don’t nag about that over the phone.

Give yourself a moment to cool down a bit and talk to them in person. You will find better words to tell them how they made you feel and why it was so wrong.

This kind of conversation should always be in private and in person rather than over text. Texts can lead to misunderstanding and make your issues seem bigger than they actually are.

4. Insults

People say a lot of things they don’t mean when they are angry. They are caught up in the moment, irritated and disappointed and their words are guided by those emotions.

Insults are never a good idea. They stick with your partner and they are permanently stored in their memory. They are even worse when you send them in a text.

Even if you and your partner solve your dispute, when they reread the insult it will only make them feel hurt all over again.

5. Needing space

When you say by text that you need space,your partner immediately assumes that you are breaking up with them, and there are no words you can write to convince them otherwise.

But if you sit down and talk, you have a chance to explain why you feel the way you feel, why you need space and in what way you want that to happen.

It shows your partner that you respect them enough to give it to them straight. In the end, if the break-up does happen, it’s better to say it in person than avoid the situation like a coward.

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