1. He is obsessed with social media

Sure, we are all a little hooked on social media. But a guy who is an egocentric will take it too far. Most of the pictures he posts are selfies. He hardly has any pictures of his friends and family.

He is in love with his own image, and he doesn’t give value to anything else. He constantly checks how many people are double-tapping and liking his posts.

He wants to be seen and acknowledged through social media. He wants other people to like and admire him. That’s why he spends so much time on his phone.

2. He makes it all about himself

If you are going through difficult times, if some thoughts are haunting you and they don’t leave you be, if you are in any kind of physical or emotional pain, don’t even bother to tell him.

He relates to your story, and he will start going on and on about how he felt through some difficult period or some event that bothered him. You will only end up comforting him in the end.

3. Empathy is an unknown notion to him

He doesn’t have the ability to put himself in somebody else’s shoes. He only sees and understands things when they directly affect him.

He won’t be there for you when you need him, but he will resent you if you are not by his side in his time of need. He will expect you to drop everything and come to his rescue.

4. He knows just what to do to make you feel guilty

He has his ways with words, and even when you are completely sure that you are right and he is wrong, he will convince you otherwise.

Before you know it, you will hear yourself apologizing for something you haven’t done. He knows how much you care, and he counts on you to play along and say everything is ok even when it’s not.

5. He puts you down to lift himself up

He wants praise and acknowledgment for everything he does. But he is never willing to do the same for you. He will find a way to make your accomplishments smaller. He will even resort to insults.

All the good things you do for him or for your relationship will go unnoticed. The only things that add value to his life are himself.

He is not as confident as he wants to seem, and by belittling you and probably other people in his life, he is boosting his ego. He is arrogant and self-absorbed. That’s why he talks down to you.

6. He is always one step in front of you

If you say you’ve done 50 squats, he will say he has done 50. If you say you got promoted, he will mention that he got it sooner. Whenever you say you did something good, he will say he has done it better.

He is always comparing himself to you or others. He looks at life as a competition, and he doesn’t want to lose. That’s why he will say or do anything to prevent that from happening.

7. He can’t stand to see you around other men

Even though he reminded you time and time again how full of faults you are, he doesn’t actually mean it. He is just trying to make himself look bigger by making you smaller.

And even though his ego is so big that you can actually feel all the space it occupies when he enters the room, deep down he is insecure. He is scared that someone better than him could take you away.

That’s why he always asks about your male colleagues. He makes sure there are no men around when you go out without him, and he is showing all the other signs of jealous behavior.

On the one hand, he doesn’t want to lose you, and on the other, he is scared that you will make him a cuckold which would be the biggest blow on his ego.

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