1. Your rainy days

The man you are supposed to be with won’t run for the hills every time he sees you are feeling down. He will be there to listen, to hug and to comfort.

He won’t have unrealistic expectations of you being happy all the time. He knows that life and PMS do happen and that emotions are something you can’t control. He’ll stay by your side no matter what.

2. Your texts

I won’t tell you that you can text him 24/7 and that he won’t mind it. That just wouldn’t be true because any man would be irritated with your need to constantly stay in touch.

But when he is the one for you, he will keep in touch. He will make sure that the day doesn’t pass without hearing from you, and he will never ignore your texts.

3. Fights

A lot of women avoid arguments because they fear that having a fight will mean the end of the entire relationship. With the wrong guy, this might easily happen.

But when someone is right for you, that won’t be the case. He won’t get scared when things get a bit more complicated. Having arguments and settling differences is an integral part of any relationship.

We are all different, and it’s natural that misunderstandings will arise. He knows that. He won’t run. He will call as soon as he cools down to talk things through and find a solution.

4. Standards

A man who wants to string you along and leave you hanging in an unlabeled relationship will say you are too much for him or call you high maintenance.

But a man who is serious about his feelings for you will applaud you for having standards. He will appreciate the fact that you have your own rules and that you don’t allow anyone to treat you for granted.

He will admire your strength and independence. He won’t mind investing in the relationship as much as you do.

5. Taking things slowly

He won’t walk away when you tell him that you want to wait a little bit before jumping into bed with someone. He understands that you need an emotional bond before you form a physical one.

Anyway, s*x won’t be the only thing keeping him by your side. He will love spending time with you, kissing and cuddling. He won’t pressure you to do anything you are not comfortable with.

6. Need for occasional reassurance

You had a past before him, and he gets that. He knows that your exes made you build up walls around your heart and that you have a problem trusting someone again.

Even though you shouldn’t make him pay for the sins of your exes, he won’t mind telling you that you are his one and only. He won’t hide his phone or ignore your text when he is out. He will want to earn your trust.

7. Your loved ones

If he is the one for you, he will have nothing but appreciation for your friends and family. Regardless of what he thinks of them, the sole fact that they are important to you makes them as important to him.

He will do his best to get along with them. If that turns out to be mission impossible, he will still respect them. He also has friends and family, and he wants you to respect them, too.

8. Your ambitions

The fact that you have dreams and that you are chasing your dreams makes him admire you more. He knows that he is one of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean that you should toss all the others aside.

He will be your greatest supporter. He will believe in you even when you are under so much pressure that you lack faith in yourself.

9. Your appearance

The one for you thinks that you are amazing just the way you are. He will also make sure you know just how beautiful you are to him.

Your messy hair and your face without any makeup will be a sight for sore eyes if you ask him. Gaining or losing weight, having stretch marks, scars or wrinkles will make no difference to him.

10. Commitment

Even though it’s the last one on the list, it’s the most important thing here. If he really is the one for you, he won’t think twice before making your relationship official.

He will be proud to call you ‘his’ and he won’t care who knows or doesn’t know it. The most important thing to him will be you and the relationship you are building.

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