Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. You fall in love and you didn’t even realise that it was happening. But how many times did this kind of love break your heart and made you lose faith in love in general? Too many times, am I right?

Don’t let yourself fall for this ever again! You deserve a love that’s worthy of you. That’s why you don’t need to show him that you care until he proves he’s worthy of you.

He’s worthy when he keeps his promises. When he says he’ll call you and he keeps the promise. When he says the time when he’ll be home and he really does show up at that time. Promises are important because you will see that you’re a priority to someone and you will be able to see if you can trust them. If he keeps his promises, he’s worthy of you.

He’s worthy of you if he respects you. Respect is the key to every successful relationship. It means that you will respect each other’s boundaries no matter what happens and that you won’t push each other to do something that you’re not interested in doing.

He’s worthy if he only has eyes for you. If he keeps on avoiding the desperate attempts of other women that are trying to flirt with him, you know that you really do have a catch of a man. But if he isn’t bothered by the constant text messages of other women and if he looks at another woman when she walks by, know that you are better off without him. You deserve a man who will cherish you and understand that you are the one he should be with.

He’s worthy if he’s there for you. If he makes you his priority; if he puts you above everything else, so you don’t have to question if he’ll be there for you when you’re sick. It’s important to know that you can count on him and that you can call him whenever you need him because this is what a real man would do for the woman he loves.

He’s worthy when he understands you. To know that you’re a highly sensitive woman will help him understand how your feelings work and that you will cry whenever something happens that looks insignificant at first, but to you, it was a horrible experience. It’s crucial that the man you love understands your needs and wants, and is willing to give everything he has in order to please you.

He’s worthy when he decides to commit. You’ve had enough commitment-phobes in your life, haven’t you? Don’t go for the emotionally unavailable men and the men with commitment issues because they won’t bring you happiness. Commiting to a relationship means that your effort isn’t in vain. It means that you have a future that you can both work towards achieving. See if he’s willing to commit and believe me, you’ll know if he’s worthy or not.

He’s worthy if he accepts you completely. He’s worthy when he doesn’t want to change your little imperfections that actually make you so unique and lovable. Accepting that you laugh really loudly and that you can’t stand horror movies are your own unique traits that are not there to be changed but accepted. If he’s worthy, he won’t make you feel guilty about it.

He’s worthy if he’s afraid to lose you. When a man is afraid of losing something, it means that it’s very important to him. It means that you are important to him. He’ll do anything that’s in his power just to make you happy and make you feel loved and appreciated. That’s what a real man does.

I’m aware of the fact that sometimes it’s not that easy to find a man like this, but he will come into your life and he will prove to you that he’s worthy. You won’t be ‘too much’ for him because you will be just enough. I’m also aware of the fact that sometimes our hearts simply don’t choose who they’re going to love because hearts pure and they only love. But we should be able to understand what we deserve and where the fine line is between a worthy man who can make us happy and a man we’re settling for because we’re afraid of being alone.

Don’t make this mistake. Stay single until you meet the man who is worthy of you.

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