Let’s be honest—love is a beautiful thing. But with the wrong man, it can turn into the worst nightmare. It can ruin your life in ways you didn’t know exist and leave a trace on you forever.

That’s why you need to watch out when you choose your life partner. I know it is pretty hard to do that, but you need to use your brain instead of your heart. You can’t let your euphoria and first impression blind you and prevent you from seeing the real face of the man who is trying to win you over.

And in case this was exactly what happened to you, here are proven signs that he is not your happily ever after and that you should run from him as fast as you can.

1. He is not trying to understand you

If a man you date doesn’t make an effort to understand you at the beginning of your relationship, you can just imagine what would happen later. You need to know that you will never be truly happy with a man who can’t put himself in your shoes or try to see the whole picture from your perspective.

A man like that actually doesn’t care about your needs and your emotions, and the most important thing to him is that he is satisfied. So, if you see this kind of treatment in your relationship, you should know that there is no bright future for the two of you and that he is not your happily ever after unfortunately.

2. He never talks about the future with you

If a guy you are with doesn’t think about the future with you, you should ask yourself if he ever actually thinks about it? Does he want you to be a part of his future life? Or you are just a by-passer? You can find out all of that if you just pay attention to his actions because he can’t hide what he really feels.

If he mentions his friends and his family in some events that will happen in the future but never makes you a part of his plans, chances are high that he is not that into you.

You better watch out because he can take advantage of you and leave you, and you surely don’t want that to happen. That’s why you should be the first one to leave.

3. He suffocates you

If a man you date always wants to know where you are at and whom you are with, it can become a bit uncomfortable after some time. I mean, your partner should trust you, not stalk you whenever you go out with your friends.

He should know that you won’t cheat on him and that you love him. But if he doesn’t want to understand that even if you tried to explain it to him, then it is time to pump your brakes and see where you stand with him. You surely don’t want a man who is a control freak and who will check every move you make.

And trust me, a man like that simply can’t be your happily ever after.

4. He doesn’t help you with your problems

A loving and a supportive man should always be there for you, letting you know that you can count on him for whatever you need.

But if you have someone who is not as half as supportive as your dream man, you shouldn’t stay with him. Don’t think that situation will change eventually because it won’t. If he acts like that at the beginning of your relationship, you can just imagine how he will act later. If he is not interested in your problems, then he is not interested in your life as well.

So, staying with him and fighting for his attention would be a huge mistake. And I beg you, don’t do it. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

5. He doesn’t respect your differences

If you are in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t respect your differences, then I don’t know how you will make him accept all those things that matter to you.

If he doesn’t understand that you think in different ways than him, that you have a different outlook on life and that you don’t like the same things as him, all is in vain. Your nerves will become shot trying to make him see all the beauty of the things that actually matter to you.

A man like that will never love you like you deserve, and you will never feel complete with him.

6. He doesn’t make compromises

If you are dating a man who is an ‘all my way or no way’ kind of a guy, you should know that he will be hard to handle. A man who doesn’t listen to anyone but himself is not someone worthy of getting to know better.

If he doesn’t want to make compromises in your relationship, it is a huge red flag that he doesn’t respect you. He obviously thinks that he is the one who makes all the decisions and that you don’t have any right to mess with his plans.

Trust me, you don’t need that kind of a man, so you better leave him while you still can because he will never give you what you deserve.

7. He doesn’t make you feel good in your own skin

If you are dating someone but you actually don’t feel good about them, then something is wrong there. A guy you date should be someone who makes you smile, who makes you happy and satisfied.

But if you don’t feel comfortable when being with him, it is obvious that he is not the one. Also, if he doesn’t make any effort to show you that he is interested in you, you have nothing to do with him. You should be with someone who makes you feel good, someone who makes your heart beat faster, someone who is always there for you.

But if you feel that he is not the right one from the start, he probably isn’t. And you surely don’t want to spend your life with the wrong one.

8. He acts like he is the dominant one

You see, a man and a woman should be equal in everything. Period. But if you have someone who doesn’t treat you that way, you should get worried.

A dominant man in some things is quite appealing, but if he wants to be like that in all aspects of your life, it is not fair. It is not fair that you can’t express your opinions. It is not fair he tells you what to do and how to act. He isn’t supposed to be a puppet master. He should be your best friend, your lover and your other half.

That’s why you should show him that you won’t put up with his s**t and that you are better off on your own.

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