Among all the liars and cheaters dominating in the dating scene of today, there are still some good men left. They are just more difficult to spot.

They are usually more on the shy side or don’t like to be the center of attention like cheaters mostly do. But they are out there.

There are men who are loyal to the bone, men who want closeness and commitment. They know how to respect a woman and they would never consider betrayal.

This is why good men don’t cheat:

1. He would never risk losing what he has in his arms

It’s all about appreciating a woman’s worth. A good man will know how to do that. He will consider himself lucky to be with someone like her and he would never consider doing something to disrespect her.

He knows that a good woman adds value to his life. He will return her loyalty with loyalty. He sees all that she is and all that she is doing for him and their relationship. He will reciprocate in the same manner.

2. He has a conscience

As most of us have experienced on our own skin, not all men have a conscience. They are self-absorbed and their primal concern is fulfilling their needs.

That’s why these days a man with a conscience is a rare and most endangered species. He just couldn’t live with the guilt of knowing that he deliberately hurt someone who cares about him.

3. He is loyal by choice

Even when he has an opportunity to cheat, he will choose not to. He will resist a woman who throws herself at him because he respects what he has at home.

All the temptations of the world are not enough to shake his determination of being faithful. He wouldn’t risk a meaningful relationship for a few minutes of pleasure.

4. He has everything he needs in one person

It’s not about just getting laid when you are in a real relationship. Though important, s*x is just a part of the equation. There are other more meaningful aspects.

A good man thinks with his brain and follows his heart and not his crotch. He knows that he has a real connection with his partner. He knows that she is one of a kind and can’t be replaced.

She is his best friend and his lover. That’s why he sees no point in chasing after other women when he has everything he needs in and outside of his bed.

5. He surpassed all his insecurities

A good man enters into a relationship because he is ready to be in one. He matured and built his confidence.

He doesn’t care about bragging to his friends about his latest conquest or adding one more number to the list of women he has slept with.

That’s an act of an emotionally insecure boy, not a grown-a** man. He knows who he is and what he wants and he doesn’t need any outside source to validate his manhood.

6. He has no time to cheat

It’s not only that he is hard-working and dedicated to his work; he always finds time to spend with the people he loves and the woman in his life is at the top of his list of priorities.

He considers cheating disrespectful and a huge waste of his time. He would much rather spend his days with the woman who has his heart. He knows that everything else is idiotic.

7. He is a man of his word

Integrity is one of many amazing traits of a good man. He wouldn’t do anything to anybody that he wouldn’t want to experience himself.

He has high morals and he would feel like the scum of the earth if he resorted to something like cheating. For him, a committed relationship is like a pledge of loyalty he never wants to break.

8. He never looks for an easy way out

When a relationship is going downhill he doesn’t go out looking for solutions in some other woman’s bed. He mans up and faces the problem.

There are only two people in the relationship and he makes sure he does everything he can to solve any problems. If he really sees that things aren’t working out, he would rather end the relationship than cheat.

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