You had a girl who really wanted to be yours. A girl who was ready to do whatever it took just to make you happy. You had a girl who was always putting you first. A girl who believed in you when no one else did. You had a girl who loved you like no other.

But instead of appreciating all of her efforts and sacrifices, you chose to take her for granted. You chose to take advantage of everything she was giving you and you chose to use her.

Instead of loving her the way she deserved, you chose to give her only half of your heart. Instead of staying by her side, you chose to walk away from her, like she never mattered and like you couldn’t care less about her.

When you left her, you were convinced that she would move mountains just to keep you around. That she would blame herself for making you leave her. That she would beg you to come back and that she would accept anything just to have you by her side.

You thought that she would do anything just to get you back. You had every possible scenario written in your head, except the one in which she let you go without a fight.

And that is exactly what she did. She was strong enough to let you go and to never look back. And that was the best decision she could have made.

Against all odds and against all of your expectations, this girl left you in the past, where you belong. She was brave enough to close the door behind you and to cut all ties with you. She didn’t give you a chance to continue playing with her and she moved on with her life, as if you were never a part of it.

She finally realized she didn’t have to fight for anyone’s love. She realized she wasn’t supposed to chase someone who clearly didn’t want to be with her. That she was too proud to beg anyone to come back to her. That the last thing she wanted was to humiliate herself by running after you.

She realized that you didn’t deserve her, never did and never will. She finally saw her true value and decided it was time for her to stop putting the effort into someone who never cared for her. That it was time for her to stop being the only one trying and the one who loved more. That it was time for her to choose herself over you.

And that was when you saw what you had lost. In the beginning, you enjoyed living the life of a bachelor. You enjoyed being free and not having someone who asked for your attention and not having to hide all of your flings and affairs.

But soon, you saw that you missed her. You saw that you didn’t have anyone to go home to or anyone who would take care of you. You saw that no other woman could ever be her and that she was one of a kind.

You saw that no other woman could ever love you the way she did. That there didn’t exist a girl who would put up with your bulls**t or love you despite it.

Being away from this girl made you realize that she was the only one who was always putting your happiness in front of her own. The only one who accepted the real you and the only one who loved your flaws.

It made you see that you were an immature jerk who never gave her the respect or the love she needed. That you never appreciated everything she gave you and that you never cherished her heart the way you should. It finally made you realize what you had done.

And that was the moment when you understood that walking away from this girl was the biggest mistake you could have ever made. When you realized that you’d probably spend the rest of your life regretting this choice.

At the same time, the girl who let you go is rebuilding herself. I won’t lie to you—she didn’t forget all about you overnight. But it is happening step by step.

While you are spending sleepless nights thinking about her, she is successfully falling out of love with you. While you hold on to the past, she is looking forward to her bright future.

While you are searching for her in every woman who crosses your path, she is preparing her heart for someone better. While you were realizing how stupid you were to walk away from her, she was understanding how smart she was to let you go.

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