Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you were better off without someone but you went back to them, despite that? Where you let a person back in just because you were scared of living your life without them?

I have. I returned to my ex just because I was afraid of being single and because I was convinced that I wouldn’t find anyone better than him. And it was one of the worst decisions of my life.

So please, be wiser than I was and don’t repeat my mistakes. Don’t go back to someone who clearly doesn’t deserve a place in your life and to someone who isn’t worthy of your efforts or the love you are giving him.

Remember that the two of you broke up for a reason. And that reason still exists. No, things haven’t changed and neither of you has changed enough to suddenly become a functional couple.

Going back to this man should be the last thing on your mind, despite the roller coaster of emotions you might be going through right now. Trust me—you actually don’t want him back.

So please, don’t go back to this guy just because you are scared you’ll end up alone. Or just because you are afraid your biological clock is ticking or because you think you are running out of time to find someone made for you.

Don’t do it even if the people around you expect you to settle or because you are convinced it’s about time for you to find someone to grow old with. Don’t do it just because you aren’t used to being on your own or because you think you need a man to complete you.

Don’t do it just because you think solitude is scary. You may not know it but being single and being alone are two different things. And trust me—you are way better off alone than being with the wrong person.

Don’t let your ex come crawling back into your life even though he is familiar to you and even though he gives you a sense of belonging. The truth is that he has become your comfort zone and you know what to expect from him.

He has become your habit and you are less afraid to go through all the same s**t with him than to meet someone new all over again. But this shouldn’t be a reason for you to let him back in.

Don’t do it just because you are lonely and because you are used to being in a relationship. Don’t do it for the sake of having someone to give you the affection you need or because you miss having regular s*x but you don’t want to get yourself involved in meaningless flings.

Don’t go back to him for the sake of the memories the two of you have together. Don’t do it just because you are too tired to even try and meet new people and make new memories with someone else. You need to understand that you are just holding on to the past and you are too terrified to take a leap into the future.

Don’t do it even though you are convinced that all men are the same and that everyone else will end up hurting you the same way he did, so you think there is no point in even trying to look for someone new.

Don’t do it despite the fact that you are scared that you’ll run into a man who will treat you worse than your ex did and because you assume nobody will put up with you the way he did.

Don’t give your ex a second chance even if you are scared that you’ll regret leaving him. That there will come a moment in your life when you would give everything just to have him back but that won’t be an option anymore.

Don’t go back to him just because you think you won’t find anyone else. Because trust me—you will. And this man will have everything you are looking for and more. You just have to be patient.

And until this right guy comes along, stay single.

Work on building a better future for yourself, without this man holding you back. And leave him in the past, where he belongs.

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