Before she met you, she was different. She was a girl with a soft heart who believed in love. A girl who knew how to love and how to be loved.

And she loved you more than anyone. You know, this girl was not like others. She was unique, and she loved you in a special way.

This was the girl who was always putting you first while you kept treating her like a second choice. The girl who was ready to move mountains for your sake while you never lifted a finger for her.

Instead of appreciating all of her efforts and sacrifices, you did something completely the opposite.

Instead of being grateful and proud for having someone like this by your side, you kept taking her for granted. Instead of loving her the way she deserved, you took her soft heart and broke it into pieces.

And for years, she put up with you. For years, she kept convincing herself that deep down, you loved her back. That you’d change your ways and that eventually, the two of you would be happy.

But none of this was happening, and after a while, she had had enough. She had had enough of you putting her down, of you mistreating her and of you leading her on. She had had enough of you not respecting and loving her enough. She had had enough of putting an effort into a relationship which was doomed to fail.

She had had enough of giving you endless chances. Enough of waiting for you to come to your senses. Enough of begging for your love and attention. She had had enough of you and of this half-a**ed love you were giving her.

That was when she walked away from you because she had no other choice. That was when she finally saw her worth and when she realized she had spent all those years with you settling for less. When she realized that there was nothing she could do for this relationship anymore and that she had to save herself.

And that was exactly what she did. She chose herself over your almost love and for the first time ever, she turned her back on you.

No, she isn’t suffering anymore. She doesn’t cry herself to sleep because of you, and she doesn’t think of ways to bring you back. Even the unbearable pain she felt in her chest every time someone mentions you has disappeared.

When you see this girl, you’ll think that she has gotten over you a long time ago and that she has moved on with her life completely.

You’ll think that she is stronger than ever and that nothing and nobody can break her anymore. You’ll think that all the emotional pain you’ve caused her didn’t leave any permanent damage on her heart.

She eats, she walks, she breathes. One can even see her smile. But that doesn’t mean she lives her life. Because it’s impossible to truly live when someone has taken your soul away.

You see, you’ve done something even worse than shattering her heart. You’ve made her close it forever. You’ve changed the essence of who she was and you’ve made her become the person she never wanted to be.

You made her build thick and high walls around her soul because she thought this was the only way for her to prevent wrong men from doing her any harm. You made her stop believing in love because you showed her how painful it can be.

You turned her into this guarded girl who thinks she isn’t meant to be loved. You made her think that every man out there only has the intention of breaking her heart, the same way you did.

After you, she became a girl who pretends to be heartless because she thinks it’s the only way to protect her heart. She became a girl who can’t bring herself to trust anyone because trusting you has cost her a lot.

After you, she became a girl who refuses to let anyone in because she questions everyone’s intentions and because she always wonders if she’ll end up hurt. She became a girl who pushes others away because she is scared that she’ll be taken advantage of.

Because she is scared that she’ll end up hurt and heartbroken, and that is something she can’t go through once more.

After you, she became a girl who only relies on herself. A girl who learned that she can’t count on anyone besides herself if she doesn’t want to end up disappointed and betrayed.

After you, she became cold and distant. She became skeptical and pessimistic. She became someone who always expects the worst from people. You know, this is something she had to do. Because she expected the best from you and look where it brought her.

She became a girl with a shield around her heart which makes her appear insensitive and mean. But the truth is that she is nothing like that.

The truth is that deep down, she still hides her vulnerable heart. She just chooses not to show it to the world because she thinks it’s better that way. She just chooses to fake her feelings and to ignore the emotional pain that changed her.

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