You might not know this but you are not facing an ordinary girl. And a girl who is anything but ordinary doesn’t settle for an ordinary love or an ordinary relationship. What she wants is a partnership.

She doesn’t want a relationship which will be based on s*x or something purely romantic. It’s not that she doesn’t believe in love but she doesn’t want you to just be her boyfriend and lover.

Instead, what this girl wants is for you to be her other half and her forever person. She needs you to be her life partner in every sense of that term.

She needs someone who will always be there for her. She doesn’t need a man who will back out on her the moment the honeymoon phase is over or someone who will chicken out when the first signs of problems appear.

Instead, she needs a teammate who will always be up for a battle and for a challenge. She needs someone who will stay by her side through thick and thin, through bad and good days. Someone who won’t leave her even when things become overwhelming and when life becomes a little too much.

Despite all of her strength, this girl wants a man who will be there to pick her up when she breaks. A man who will be there to catch her every time she thinks she is about to fall.

A man who will push her forward and who will inspire her to be the best version of herself, without ever trying to change her. A man who will believe in her even when she loses faith in herself.

She needs someone who will stay with her at her lowest and at her highest. Someone who will put the same amount of effort into making her laugh and into wiping her tears away.

Someone who will share her happiest and saddest moments with her and who won’t back out the moment he sees that she is too much to handle. A man who will love her the same at her best and at her worst.

She doesn’t want you to only be her boyfriend—she expects you to be her best friend as well. She wants you to be her family and her life companion.

Someone whom she can trust and someone who will make an effort to understand the real her. A man who won’t judge her for every single mistake she makes but who will be brave enough to always tell her the truth to her  face, no matter how harsh it is.

She needs a man who will be strong enough to have her back. No, she doesn’t need anyone to hold her hand or lead her through life. But what she does need is a guy who will be her rock and her safe haven when things get rough.

What she needs is someone she can rely on and someone she can count on. Someone who will be strong enough to be her guardian angel and her shoulder to cry on, when she needs it.

Don’t get me wrong—she doesn’t expect you to be tough. She doesn’t want you to be insensitive or to act like you don’t have any weaknesses. Instead, she wants a man who will show her his vulnerable side and a man who won’t be ashamed to share his insecurities with her.

She doesn’t want to be with some emotionally immature guy or a mama’s boy she’ll have to guide through life. Or with some jerk who thinks he is a bigger man if he acts like he is above her, just because he is male. She doesn’t need someone who will be intimidated by her strength She just wants a man she can be equal to.

She doesn’t want a man who will ask her to follow him blindly or a guy who will follow her lead. She doesn’t want a man who will depend on her, nor is she looking for a man she could depend on.

She doesn’t need him standing in front of or behind her. The only thing she wants is to have someone who will always be next to her. A man who will be capable enough to go through life shoulder to shoulder with her. Because that is what real partnership is all about.

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