Sometimes, love is just not enough.

On the one hand, you can’t do anything without love, but the sad part is that sometimes even though you have love, you are still powerless, and your relationship might fail anyway.

Successful relationships take a lot of hard work. It takes compromises, effort, trust and respect if you want to make it work. It’s just impossible to find happiness if you lack these things.

You can love each other endlessly, but if you don’t get along, if you’re not compatible, you’re always going to fight because you disagree on so many different things.

That kind of relationship doesn’t have a bright future.

You’re not a quitter, and you’ll do anything that is in your power to save what is left saving. You’re not giving up that easily, and that is one hell of a trait you possess.

But sometimes, you have to know what is worth saving and what is not. Sometimes, you have to be mature enough to admit that you’ve been defeated, that this is the battle you’ve lost, and all you have left is to retreat with dignity, hold your head high and move on.

It’ll hurt, heartbreaks always hurt like hell, but they never last forever.

Even though you love him, if your relationship manifests these signs, it’s time for you to end it:

1. You feel pressured to change

Yes, relationships take a lot of work and compromise, but changing who you are doesn’t make any sense. If your partner pressures you to change, you have to walk away.

You’ve been authentic from the beginning, and the fact he suddenly doesn’t like who you are is absolutely not your fault.

You should never change who you are for anyone’s sake. Because if you do, you won’t be able to put up with your act forever, and there will come a point in your life when you’ll refuse to take it anymore.

By trying to change, you’re only postponing the inevitable – a breakup.

2. You are different

Everyone has their own set of values in life, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, if your values and his values part ways, then you know it’s time for you to end the relationship.

Compromise is great in these situations, but sometimes these values are so different that you can’t even find a compromise because either way, one of you is going to end up unsatisfied because your wish was put aside in order to fulfill your partner’s need.

This will cause a collision between the two of you, and the best thing for you to do is to let him go and move on with your life.

3. You’re waiting…

You’re waiting for things to get better. You’re secretly hoping that the phase your relationship is going through is just temporary, but somehow that phase is starting to take too long. Somehow, it never seems to end.

Maybe even deep down, you’re aware that there is no salvation for the two of you, but you’re still secretly hoping because you don’t want to throw away that easily everything you’ve built so far.

But, the bottom line is that you know how this is going to end. So, don’t wait any longer, and just end it.

4. You’re not happy

You’re not excited to see him and you don’t think about him as much as you did before. Your relationship has become an obligation, not a satisfaction.

Simply put, you’re just not happy. You know there must be something wrong with this picture. You know things shouldn’t look like this.

5. You have a feeling he hides you from others

You’ve been together for a long time, and you still haven’t met his parents. You have a feeling he’s hiding you from his family and his friends.

He hasn’t posted any of your photos on the social networks. You simply have a feeling that he is not so keen on introducing you as his girlfriend.

This is definitely a red flag sign that something is wrong, and no matter how much you love him, don’t let him make a fool out of you.

6. You’re being abused

This one goes without saying. Nothing is worth staying with an abusive man. Nothing is worth putting up with his crap and choking in your own tears.

These men are unable to love anyone. They only feed their insecurities by abusing you and making sure you feel inferior to them. That’s the whole point, and that is never going to change.

7. You’re pulling each other down

You’re not growing as a couple, and you don’t turn each other into better people. In real and true relationships, couples challenge each other to be better and stronger than before.

They cross every obstacle in life together, and they solve all their problems together. It makes them stronger.

But if you as an individual and as a couple are deteriorating, it means that the relationship you’re in is just not healthy for you and you should end it.

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