You texted your crush first? You sent your ex a risky text? The guy you thought liked you back has stopped replying for no apparent reason?

It doesn’t have to mean that you’ve revealed your emotions right away or that you’ve told them you are in love with them. You could have just asked them what they’ve been up to or asked them to hang out. Either way, you haven’t gotten any response.

What should you do next? What is the best way to handle this case scenario? What should your next move be?

Were you wrong to text them? Did you embarrass yourself? Should you worry? Should you panic? Have you been ghosted? Should you text them again to see what’s wrong? Is he playing games or has he lost interest? Should you give him a taste of his own medicine and ignore him the next time he contacts you? Worry not because here you have 5 steps to take in these kinds of situations.

1. Don’t assume the worst case scenario right away

I know that the first thing which comes to your mind is that he hasn’t answered your text because he didn’t want to. You were boring him, you texted him something you shouldn’t have or he simply doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

And I’ll have to stop you right there. Stop assuming the worst case scenario right away and thinking that everything is lost. Maybe something happened. Maybe he had a family emergency. Maybe he was too busy to reply. Maybe his phone is broken. Maybe he has something important going on at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong—I am not advising you to look for excuses for him. I am not advising you to lie to yourself, but you shouldn’t think that he isn’t interested. Instead, you should give this guy the benefit of the doubt.

2. Don’t act desperate or needy

When a guy doesn’t respond your text, you should never even think of double or triple texting him. You should never ask for an explanation right away, and you definitely shouldn’t show him that you are angry or hurt for him not texting you back.

I know that sending another text is probably the first thing you want to do. After all, you want to know where you stand and what went wrong. But trust me—if you do this, you’ll just make things worse.

There is nothing desperate or embarrassing in texting someone first or being the one who sends the last message. But please keep your dignity and don’t continue texting him after you haven’t gotten any response. In contrary, you’ll only appear to be clingy and needy.

If he really is playing you, you’ll only boost his ego and show him that you care about him more than he cares about you. On the other hand, if he really hasn’t been able to text you back, you don’t want him to see you having a monologue in his Inbox.

3. Give him some time and space

Continue doing nothing for a few days. I know you are eager to reach out to him, but give him some time and space. This is the time when you should wait for his next move and do absolutely nothing.

Instead of thinking about him, instead of justifying him or thinking the worst, focus on yourself and on the things which make you happy and don’t include him. Act like something like this never happened, and do your best to get him out of your mind.

4. If you still want it, send the second text

So, a couple of days since you’ve sent your last text have passed. But this guy is still on your mind, and you want to know what happened.

If this is the case, send him another message. But make sure you don’t make a big deal of him not texting you back. Don’t act like he has hurt your feelings or your ego, and don’t try and fight him for ignoring you. Just be casual, and ask him if everything is OK.

Yes, it is possible that he won’t reply this time as well. But you’ve waited a decent amount of time to text him once more. And most of all, you’ll know that you’ve done everything there was to be done, and you won’t blame yourself for not trying to get to him at least once more.

5. Move on

If he hasn’t answered your second text, sadly, everything is clear. It doesn’t matter if he is trying to play mind games or he is just not interested. The point is that this guy isn’t worthy of your effort and that he doesn’t deserve you chasing him.

The only wise thing you can do in this type of situation is to move on. Please, don’t wait for a chance to get sweet revenge on him because that would mean he has dragged you into his games. Just do your best to move on as if he never existed.

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