A manipulative guy will do all that it takes to convince you that he is the only person you need in your life and in that way, he will isolate you from your friends and family.

That is a tactic he uses to make you bonded to him so he could brainwash you more easily and tell you what you need to do and how you should act in public. His ultimate goal is to make you a puppet he will be able to control with his words and crumbs of what he calls love.

Unfortunately, some guys do this pretty well and the women they date don’t have any other option than to fall into their web of lies.

To prevent something like that from happening to you, here are the most common things a manipulator will use to control you and make you his slave forever.

1. He will make you feel special with him

You should know that a guy like this is a damn good actor so once he puts his stage mask on, there is no way that you will realize he is faking all that he says.

He will make you feel like no man has ever made you feel and because of that, you will worship him. You will even find excuses for all his mistreatment,convincing yourself that he is just in a rough phase of his life.

He will give you everything and then, when you get addicted to him, he will, step by step, take away everything from you. He will take away your pride, your affection, your happiness and your love toward the people around you.

He will manipulate you so hard that you will see your salvation in him only and he will be the only solution to your problems. And in all that mess you will lose yourself over a man who couldn’t care less about you.

2. He will make you feel like you are the crazy one

When a manipulator sees that you realized that he mistreated you and that you want to get away from him, he will use all his tricks and techniques just to make you stay.

If you say that you mind that he checks out every woman who walks by, he will tell you that you are crazy and that he looks at everyone like that. He will make you feel bad for even bringing up something like that in conversation.

He will fake that he is angry and hurt just so you would go and say that you are sorry. And once you do that, he will have that wicked smile that shows he won this time. This is one tactic all manipulators use to shut down their victims, so if you see a sign like this, run as fast as you can.

Because, girl, he was never the man of your dreams, he was just a man who knew how to deceive a girl who loved him.

3. He will insult you in a way you don’t get

A manipulator knows what to say and how to say something so people trust him. He uses his facial expressions and body language to convince you that you are the bad guy and not him.

He will always try to embarrass you in public because that is a way for him to feed his ego. He will insult you but by using a joke and you won’t know what to say about that. If you get enough courage to confront him, he will tell you that it is all in your head and that he was just trying to make you smile.

He will also say that all couples in love have jokes about each other. He will do everything that needs to be done so you fall for another lie. But bear in mind that it is not nice when a partner acts like that, even if it is just a joke.

Ask him how he would feel if you did something like that to him. I am sure he wouldn’t be thrilled.

4. He will always try to be in the spotlight

A manipulator will try to control you in a way that means he will put himself in the spotlight. He will make you take care of him and his needs all the time and you will totally neglect yourself.

He will highlight his wishes and tell you that you should fulfill them because that is the point of a love relationship. He will make you think about him all the time and you won’t even see that in all that mess, you are losing your identity.

You see, manipulators have really good stories they stick to, to control their victims. So, after he finishes with you, you will believe him more than yourself. When he gets to the final goal, he will be able to do whatever he wants with you because he will be the one who runs your life and not you.

5. He gets overwhelmed

What most manipulators use is to get overwhelmed by basic things. If you say something he did bothered you, he will say that you did something that is a hundred times worse and that he is still with you, loving you.

He will make everything go in his favor and he will always end up being the victim. That is just a tactic he will use to control you and make you feel bad for even mentioning something that bothered you.

Guys like this have zero empathy for others so he won’t feel any remorse if you feel like s**t in a relationship with him. They just care that they feel good and that their needs are fulfilled.

So, if your partner is making a drama out of nothing just so he can blame you for everything, give him a one-way ticket and save yourself from tears.

6. He will make you feel that you are the guilty one for all your problems

A guy like this will always make you feel bad about yourself. You will be the guilty one for all the problems that happen in your relationship.

He will make himself look like a poor guy who just craves some love. And you will be the one who doesn’t provide him with what he craves so much. And he will do that so well that you will feel like the bad guy, asking yourself what you can do to make him feel better.

But all that you will be able to conclude is that when he is happy, you are not and when he is not happy, you are not happy either. All in all, you will never be happy or satisfied in a relationship with someone like this. So the sooner you get that, the better it will be for you.

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