When you get yourself involved with an emotionally unstable guy, he will do whatever it takes to make you the same as he is. This guy has numerous issues buried deep inside of him and he struggles with his insecurities. But instead of dealing with his insecurities and instead of admitting them to himself and accepting them, he runs away from them. And during that process, he looks for a partner whom he could diminish and put down. He is looking for girls whom he could manipulate the way he wants, so he could boost his ego and because he thinks this is the way to build his self-confidence. He thinks that the only way to lift himself up is to put someone else down.

And in the case of your relationship, sadly, you were that someone.

Since the moment this guy entered your life, he has done nothing but brought you problems. Of course, in the beginning, he pretended to be this super-cute, perfect guy. And you fell for that guy right away. This guy did everything he could to get under your skin and to seduce you in every way. And when he finally managed to do that, he showed you his true colors and he took away his mask. Suddenly, this guy became an emotional manipulator and someone whose only intention was to ruin you spiritually and mentally. But you already loved him more than yourself and you refused to see his true face. In the beginning, you thought that he was telling you everything for your own good. Back then, his insults weren’t direct but you could simply feel that he envied you your every success and that he was intimidated by you.

With time, everything worsened. He started treating you like a piece of s**t. His insults became a daily routine and he even started humiliating you in front of others. At first, you lied to yourself. You kept telling yourself that you were just being too sensitive and that you must have been overreacting. But eventually, you realized that you weren’t exaggerating. People around you kept warning you about his behavior and you knew very well that he wasn’t treating you right. But you loved him and you couldn’t imagine living your life without him so you didn’t even think about leaving him.

And in the beginning, his insults meant nothing to you. You knew your worth and you weren’t ready to let anyone else diminish you, even if that someone was the person you loved. But after a while, this guy managed to get inside of your head. You spent years hearing about your flaws and imperfections. You spent years sharing your life with someone who tried very hard to convince you that you were good for nothing and that you had no value. And no matter how hard you tried to fight it, eventually you started believing him. Eventually, you started seeing yourself the way he saw you—as someone who was worthless and who didn’t deserve to be loved.

This is exactly what this man was trying to do all along. It is actually very simple—he was so emotionally insecure and he knew he didn’t deserve you, so he wanted for you to think that he was the best guy you could find. And the only way he could make you believe that was for you to start thinking less of yourself. He wanted you to think that he was the only person in the world who loved you for real and the only man who would put up with you. It was clear to see—he was doing all of this so he could have better control over you and so he could manipulate you more easily.

And you were the one believing him. You were the one allowing him to get inside your brain and the one he manipulated into thinking you were not worthy.

You need to remember that you are worthy of someone treating you the way you deserve to be treated.

You are worthy of someone putting effort into your relationship.

You are worthy of someone taking care of you and your needs.

You are worthy of someone respecting you.

And most of all—you are worthy of someone’s love. You deserve to be loved for real, without any hidden intentions. And that is the kind of love this guy will never give you, no matter how much you hope for it to happen.

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