It always seems that girls are the ones who suffer more but men don’t recover so fast after long-lasting relationships. Women are more emotional than men but men suffer more in the long run and may never truly get over them.

Every girl thinks that she is the one who is sad and miserable and he’s out there with friends, having fun and has already forgotten about her. Although we know that it is almost impossible that the break-up of a long and serious relationship could not have affected him, the fact is we are sorry that he does not show it in any way. At least he doesn’t show it in a way we would like him to.

Some studies show that while women take some time to recover from a relationship, men don’t do that, they just move on without taking that time to heal. That is the reason why a guy will never forget a girl he was very much in love with.

He actually could not take that pain of love which had ended. That means that women are stronger and a little bit smarter than men. It is hard for us but we know that when we decide it is over then it is really over.

Scientists questioned two thousand divorced men and even 10 years after the divorce, they still hadn’t gotten over it. Research has also shown that years after a divorce, women become extroverted, while men become emotionally unstable.

Even though breaking up is very hard for women in the beginning, they will definitely get over him, while men will have to wait years and years to recover.

I’m pretty sure love is the most powerful force on earth. So we shouldn’t be so shocked to find out that when love is gone, everybody gets hurt. Girls have their friends who are ready to be with them all day and night if necessary. Our friends are our greatest support when guys let us down. So, that feeling of love and support is a great way to overcome your ex. The problem with guys and their friends is they don’t see it that way.

They will not sit with each other and talk about things, like what the problem was in your relationship, whether you were wrong or she was. So basically, men have no support after a break-up; maybe some of them do but it’s really rare. They go through a break-up alone without knowing what they did wrong because they didn’t speak  about it to anyone, so they only had their own side of the story.

That is not very helpful. After a while, they just decide to ignore that fact and continue with life like nothing happened, thinking that the problem and emotions will go away. They don’t, problems don’t resolve themselves and neither do emotions go away if we ignore them. Their friends are there for them, of course, but in a way where they will call one another to go out for a beer.

They will take that guy out, they will take him to meet some girls so he can eventually end up with them. Their intentions are good because they think that is the solution—a new girl, parties and alcohol. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Of course, every guy does that—he meets those girls, parties and in that way he tries to forget his ex-girlfriend and he hopes he does.

It’s a misconception that women get super connected to the people they sleep with but that men never do that ‘needy’ emotional thing. That is a lie, as guys also feel really connected to a girl they sleep with and that s*x is not only a physical thing, as there are so many emotions. The problem with them overcoming a long-lasting relationship is that they have the feeling like that girl feels like home.

x is not only a physical thing, as there are so many emotions. The problem with them overcoming a long-lasting relationship is that they have the feeling like that girl feels like home.

In these situations, men are ready to do anything to get back that girl, even if the girl humiliated them. Since there have been many studies about this topic, you can be sure that after a break-up you are not the only one who is suffering. Also, men are often possessive and if they have felt for a long time that girl is ‘his girl’ then it is too hard for them to let that go and even harder if he finds out that his ex-girlfriend is in a new relationship.

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