Opinions about this topic are divided. Some say that you need time to heal and get over the last relationship completely, and others claim that you shouldn`t be alone because that is the way to lose confidence.

Also, maybe you’ll forget the last guy faster with a new one. This sounds a little bit cruel, but if you are sad and hurt, it wouldn’t be so bad to have some new guy telling you he likes you and wants to date you.

Why is this new relationship good for us?

Well, this change of partners is not going to be after a day or two but after two months for example. Men love that feeling of victory, when you feel good in your skin and you are not afraid of showing it. There are no hidden frustrations and despair.

It’s that feeling you usually have when you are in a good healthy relationship with a guy who makes you feel like a queen. So, after a relationship, that feeling goes away. We don’t want it to go, but you have just ended with someone and maybe the relationship was nothing special, but nobody feels amazing after a break-up.

The reason that this is bad for your confidence is that guys can feel that vibe you get after a breakup, and that is not attractive. They are not interested in approaching you. So, if you don`t get back in the game, that might end up badly for your confidence.

The worst part is that after a break-up, people are more likely to start drinking heavily, eating too much fast food and being lazy. Of course you are going to stay in bed and think about your past relationship, but if this is happening for too long, then it becomes a problem.

Not everyone knows how to deal with breakups, so they find comfort in stuff like this. In this case, it is better for you to get up, get dressed and go out even if you don’t feel like it. That will make you feel better—maybe not immediately, but when you are dressed up, you are feeling pretty, and when you are around other people, you are feeling much much better than when lying in your bed feeling sorry for yourself.

There is also the type of people who are doing X all the time and for the wrong reasons, for example their insecurities. Jumping from one relationship into another is kind of popular is today’s world because it sounds like you are this s*xy woman who can have any man she wants and never get attached.

That is not it. People who do this are doing it because they don’t feel good when they are alone, and they are ready to adjust to every guy they meet just so they can start a relationship. They are not these amazing women.They don’t even respect themselves enough because they are ready to put on an act in front of guys just so the guys will like them.

We have all seen person like this in our lives, and we all thought that it was pathetic and sad. This is definitely the wrong reason to be in a relationship because that relationship and that love are fake.

Why is this new relationship bad for us?

If you have ended a relationship that lasted a few years, you probably want a new, serious relationship immediately because you don`t know how to behave now that you’re single.

That is natural. It happens because of habit. You are just used to being in a relationship. That feeling will go away eventually. It is bad for you because after a relationship that lasted a long time and was intense you should probably take things slowly.

Find yourself again. Don`t carry any emotional issues into a new relationship. Resolve those problems with yourself because if you don’t, you’ll have the same problems with a new guy. It can also be bad if you are not aware that you are still in love with your ex and you are dating again.

First, you will feel terrible because the guy you`re dating is not the person you want to be with. On the other hand, that could really hurt that other person and that would make you feel even worse. So don’t do it. If you are still in love with your ex, be alone for a while, and time will help you.

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