They say that loving someone broken is a burden, that loving someone damaged takes too much of an effort. But let me tell you something. When someone broken loves you back, that’s the purest kind of love. When someone broken loves you back, you know they decided to give all of themself to you. You know they decided to ignore all of the fears and doubts they have and love you instead.

Loving a broken girl will be the decision of your life because she will never make you wonder if she’s loyal. She knows how badly it hurts when someone plays your trust. She knows how awful it feels to look at someone you love and know they’re not loyal. She knows how it feels to be the last resort for someone who is your priority, how it feels to be broken by someone you trusted your heart with.

She will never make you feel unwanted. Not even for the sake of a joke because she knows how those hurt. She knows how it hurts when the person you love more than anything makes fun of your failures, makes fun of you. She knows how it feels when you’re swallowing your tears, choking on them and trying to fake a smile, so no one knows you’re hurting; so, no one knows you’re in pain.

She will never make you wonder if you’re enough because to her you are.She will never ask you to change, for she loves you as you are. She loves you for your flaws. She loves you for your quirks and virtues. She loves all of you, not just parts of you. And she knows how it feels when you wake up every single day thinking that you’re nothing more than a failure, thinking that you will never be enough. She learned the hard way that she is, so she will never make anyone go through that again.

She will always go out of her way to make you feel loved. Even if it means facing her biggest and deepest fears, she will be ready to do it for you. Even if it means tumbling down all of the walls she so carefully built, she’ll do it without even thinking. Even if it means letting go of all of her defense mechanisms, for you she’d do it all. And that kind of devotion, that kind of commitment is something only broken people know how to give, simply because they felt how badly it hurts when you’re not loved the way you deserve to be.

She may laugh at your compliments, but she holds them close to her heart like flower buds. When you think that she is just seeking more of your attention, she is actually trying to hide from it. The most painful thing is that she believed all those people before you who told her that she’s not pretty or good enough. Who told her that she’ll never be good enough. And when you tell her that she is the most amazing woman alive, she finds it hard to believe you because she doesn’t see that woman in herself. She doesn’t see the spark in her eyes, because she is too busy judging herself in the mirror.

She may laugh it all away, but she feels it deeper than anyone else. When you tell her that you love her, she spends hours thinking about it—the way you said it and the warmth in your voice when you said it. When you kiss her, she can feel your lips on hers for hours, holding onto that feeling like a lifebelt. When you hug her, for a moment you pull all the pieces of her and glue them back together, for in your embrace she feels safe and complete. In your arms she feels loved.

Loving a broken girl is hard, but it’s so worth it. She knows that love isn’t easy like in the movies. She knows there will be hard times, there will be arguments and silent nights and days, but she will always talk to you. She will always find a way to come back to you, to keep your relationship safe. She knows that there’s more than hugs, kisses and smiles in love. There are tears, there are disappointments and there’s life, so cruel and unpredictable, but exciting at the same time. But she’s ready for all of it, she’s ready because of you. For you. For love.

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