You enjoy your work environment, but there is this special coworker you spend most of your day with. And with time, you’ve become uncertain about your feelings for this guy. You can’t tell if he is just someone you enjoy spending your time with or you have some deeper emotions for him. You don’t know if you love him as a man or as a friend.

Well, here are 5 proven signs you like your coworker, although you might try to deny it.

1. You are more than happy to go to work

It is great if you are someone who goes after her career and if you enjoy your work place and love the job you are working at.

But let’s face it—we all look forward to weekends and holidays when we can take a break from our work. But not you.

Ever since this guy entered your life and ever since you’ve started being more close to him, you see work as something that brightens your day and you don’t look forward to being free anymore. All of a sudden, you don’t have any trouble waking up early and your work days pass by faster.

Well, the truth is that this is the only chance you have to see this guy and that you are not happy about going to work, you are happy because you know you’ll see him, although you probably refuse to admit this even to yourself.

2. You are looking for excuses to be around him

One of the signs that you have fallen in love with your coworker is the fact that you are using every possible opportunity to be near this guy, even when your contact is not work-related. You don’t have any trouble helping him with his work, even when you are overwhelmed with yours. Besides, he is the first person you ask for help whenever you need it, despite the fact that there are other coworkers who would gladly give you a hand.

You go on a break only when he is taking his time off and you are constantly looking for excuses to be around him, even though you are doing it without being aware. But when you come to think of it, you see that you spend most of your work day talking to this guy and in his company.
When you have a group meeting or something similar, you are always using an opportunity to sit next to him, just so you could be physically close to him.

3. You treat him differently than your other coworkers

When you come to think of it, there is no doubt about the fact that this guy stands out from your other coworkers. You are definitely treating him specially, but you keep telling yourself that this is the case because he is your only friend at work and dating a coworker is off limits for you.

Although that is also possible, it is likely that you have some stronger feelings for this guy. He is the only one who can make you smile and you are never tired when he needs your assistance. He is the only one who doesn’t annoy you even when you are exhausted and seeing him always puts a wide smile on his face.

If he engages in an argument with other coworkers, you are subconsciously always taking his side and his opinion and judgment is the only thing that matters to you.

4. You try to look your best

There is nothing wrong with always trying to look professional and taking care of your appearance in the workplace.

But ever since this guy entered your life, you pay special attention to the way you look. You don’t have any other opportunity to seduce him and to make him look at you as a woman, so you know it is important to look as attractive as possible at work..

And whenever you have a new hairdo or when you wear something new, you are waiting to see if he has noticed it and if he likes it. The truth is that you are subconsciously looking for signs this coworker likes you and for signs that he looks at you as a woman.

5. You are nervous around him

Another sign that you like your coworker is the way you behave whenever he is around you. No matter how hard you try to fight it, the fact is that you simply can’t keep calm when you are with him. It is enough for him to be in the same room with you for you to become extra nervous without any apparent reason.

You hope that people around you, including him, don’t notice this, but you can’t stop your heart from beating faster, you can’t stop yourself from blushing or to shaking your leg whenever he is around.

And the only obvious reason for this kind of behavior is the fact that you have some deeper feelings for this guy.

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