You’re the one I want. I don’t care that sometimes it can get messy. I don’t care that sometimes we fight so intensely that I can’t look at your face for the rest of the night. I don’t care that we’re nowhere near perfect, and everybody’s telling me we should call it quits. I’m never giving up on this love.

It’s what’s keeping me alive.

Yeah, our lives would probably be much easier and simpler if we parted ways, but the thing is, I’d take the mess I have with you over the simple life with anyone else. Any day of the week, for the rest of my life.

The nights spent fighting, mornings spent making up, days sometimes filled with unnecessary jealousy, you not making lunch when I’m too tired to function after work, and our passionate bickering that always ends in the warmest and longest embraces.

THAT is what I live for.

I don’t care it’s not perfect. I don’t care it gets frustratingly dramatic at times. I don’t really care about you not making lunch. All I know is, this complicated life with you is worth more than any other kind with anyone I know. You’re the only one whose face I want to see in the morning, and I’m not a morning person.

I would rather walk through life with you, accepting that it’s not always going to be smooth sailing, then to hold hands with somebody who’s simpler, but doesn’t feel about me the way I know you do. I would rather have passionate fights with you, than to never have passion in my life with somebody else.

The fire I feel from you is my driving force. How could I function without someone who sets my soul on fire and is the only one who can calm my hysteric ways? The one who can get on my nerves the most but is the only drug I need to instantly feel better? The only one who makes me feel all of these feelings that make my body tingle with elation…

I would rather learn to compromise with you than to agree on everything with someone else. Nothing in life is promised to come easy. Why would I give up on something so wildly intense and fervent? Something that makes me FEEL that I am alive, every single day of the week. I can never get bored with you. Any second I spend without you feels like a lifetime.

This is how I know you’re worth it. That WE’RE worth it. It’s easy to find someone mellow and calm, who goes along with what you say, but never ignites the fire within you. Someone who might be a nice person but would immediately back down in an argument, letting me have my way every time. Who wants that?

I need someone to encourage me. Someone who can challenge me. And someone who won’t say everything I want to hear. I won’t be right all the time, and I need someone who can call me out on my s**t!

And I have all that, and more, in one person. YOU.

See, I gave up looking for perfection a long time ago. You want to know why? Because it doesn’t exist. And when I realized that, everything became easier.

I don’t NEED a perfect guy, a perfect relationship and a perfect life. What I need is somebody who will love me and stick by me through all of life’s ups and downs. Somebody who is not going to give up on me when I become unbearable, and trust me, it will happen. I need somebody who will fight with me but won’t be able to go to sleep knowing I’m mad at him. And all that – I have in you.

I would rather have a messy life with you than any other kind with somebody else.

You might be a mess, but you’re MY mess, and I wouldn’t have you any other way.

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