They say take risks. They say you gotta go out there, you gotta date. It will bring you back into the game. Well, what a load of crap!

Why should I go out there if I don’t want to go out there? Why should I date if there is no one I would like to date?

I tell you, I refuse to lower my standards and settle for less just so I won’t be alone.

After all, what is so wrong with being alone in the first place?

I was told that I should take advantage of my youth while I still can. Like you can’t fall in love when you’re fifty? Who made those stupid rules?

You should get a boyfriend, you should date more often, you should do this and that…I really can’t listen to those know-it-alls for much longer. People go around telling others what to do, and their own lives are even more messed up than yours.

This whole world has gone mad. We jump from one relationship into another like we’re never getting another chance for love. We search for people who are convenient for us, and love has nothing to do with it anymore.

Call me crazy, but I want that vintage kind of love.

When I fall in love, I want it to be mesmerizing. I want to be swept off of my feet. I want to feel my heartbeat in my throat. I want my hands to shake and my stomach to flutter because of the butterflies. I want it all!

I refuse to love on and off – one day I’m happy; the other one, I’m waking up in tears. I don’t want cold and hot behavior. I refuse to let anyone trying to control me or tell me what is good and what is bad for me. Thank you, but I’ll decide that for myself!

I will always choose to be alone over dating someone who doesn’t deserve me. I have too much self-respect, and I love myself too much to be that cruel to myself.

I’m not scared of going to the movies all by myself. I’m not sad when I see a happy couple walking by me. I’m not frustrated because I don’t get good morning texts or calls in the middle of the night. I’m okay with that.

Love is not all of that. You can have none of those things and still be crazy in love. Love doesn’t exist in material things.

People have been badgering me for so long. They’ve been asking why I don’t have a boyfriend. hey’ve been lecturing me on how love is great and I should try it…

What’s the matter with you?

As if I don’t want to fall in love. As if I’m running away from happiness. If anything, I’m doing completely the opposite. I’m running away from disappointment and heartbreak. I don’t want a kind of love that will force me to change myself.

I don’t want a man by my side who will be threatened by my determination, my free spirit or my independence. I don’t want to be held prisoner. I don’t want to be controlled or manipulated.

If that’s what you call love, then, thank you, but I’ll pass.

I would rather choose to be alone every day than be a prisoner in a loveless relationship. That’s how you lose your mind, that’s how you lose yourself, that’s how you become something you never wanted to be, someone’s extension.

I deserve to be whole. I deserve to be my own person. I deserve to be loved for who I am.

Being lonely at the moment is not that bad of a thing. Fixing it is not worth my running to the first guy I meet, just to fill the void I have. I’m not going to jump into a relationship with someone I barely know just so I’m not single.

I’ve seen and hung out with so many girls who have been manipulated, abused and cheated on. After all of that, after seeing them trying to get out from those relationships, then trying to find a reason to live, then trying to heal and bring their old lives together, I’ve decided I love myself too much to do that.

I want the love that stays. I want the love that won’t crap all over you just because it’s having a bad day. I want the love that will endure s**t for me. I want someone who will stay even when they see me at my worst.

I want an unconditional love that’ll never keep score of the positive or negative things either of us has done. I want the love that stays exactly the same as the first day we met.

What I need you to know is it’s okay to be alone. Don’t let others bully you into making decisions you don’t want to make. Don’t let society impose on you its allegedly accepted norms.

Your worth has nothing to do with the love of a man. In love or not in love, you are the same. You’re always going to be a beautiful person, single or not.

Don’t let fear make you decide something you’re going to regret later.

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