When we find ourselves in a relationship (finally!), we feel like we have to be the best girlfriends out there! Since we’re so used to watching a ton of romantic movies, we could only dream of reliving a few of those moments. While our man might not exactly get that hint, we’re definitely prepared to do a few romantic gestures for him.

That’s why we’re more than ready to pull out some awesome romantic gestures that will have them melt. Sadly, it seems like some Zodiacs don’t exactly react as we had hoped for some romantic gestures. That’s why we had our Zodiac team at TheTalko analyze what romantic gesture each Zodiac sign will turn them off.

Make sure to take these tips into consideration the next time you’re planning a surprise for your man. The last thing you want is for your thoughtful gesture to come off a little too strong in his eyes. While many women absolutely dream about being surprised with endless roses, a carriage, and a romantic dinner, it doesn’t seem like our male counterparts have the same outlook on love.

Just remember that the real relationship the two of you share is so much more important than these romantic gestures!

20Fire Sign: Surprising Him, It Feels Like You’re Stalking Him

It seems like the best romantic gesture out there is a classic surprise. It usually catches your partner off their feet and they’re more than happy to see you. Sadly, the Fire signs don’t exactly see surprises this way as they feel like you’re stalking them.

We completely understand that this is the last thing you want and feels like a punch to the heart.

It seems like the fire signs just aren’t into surprises since it feels like you don’t trust them. While you play it off that you just wanted to surprise him, he may think you’re stalking him in fear that he’s doing something wrong.

19Sagittarius: An Awesome Gift, There’s No Way He Can Top It

While it feels like completing the hardest mission by getting him his dream gift, he might not exactly appreciate it fully. While he’ll absolutely adore it, he can’t keep thinking at the back of his mind that there’s absolutely no way that he can top this gift.

He’s only going to get more stressed trying to figure out what to get you. It’ll feel like there’s absolutely no way to top it and it will only turn him off.

Since Sagittarius men always want to be the best at everything they do, it seems like this gift isn’t the one you want to give him. We recommend opting for a gift in which he’ll feel like he can top.

18Leo: Talking About Your Future Life, He’ll Be Running Out The Door

Since the Leo’s don’t usually find themselves in a ton of relationships, it’s absolutely amazing that they’ve managed to settle down with you. Yet, they still definitely want to take it slow and don’t want to be stressed out of constant talks of the future.

The last thing you want to talk about with your Leo lover is your future together in 10 years.

He prefers to take it slow and will be absolutely overwhelmed having to pick out children names during dinner. Take it slow or else he’ll be climbing out of the bathroom window in between your appetizer and main course.

17Aries: Acting Like The Girl Of His Dreams, He Knows Its Just A Show

While we completely understand you’re thrilled to be in a relationship, you have to tone it down a notch. Your Aries man knows that you’re putting up a show and acting like the girl of his dreams just to wow him.

He totally isn’t feeling this since he knows this act will go away eventually when you two settle down.

He doesn’t want to get his hopes up and simply isn’t feeling this vibe from you. That’s why we totally recommend that you simply act like yourself since that’s the girl he fell for. He’ll be more than thrilled that he’s getting to know the real you rather than a fake version.

16Fire Signs: What He Will Actually Love

While it seems like the Fire signs hate absolutely everything, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! A romantic gesture that they would absolutely enjoy is being surprised with an activity where you two could spend time together.

Whether it’s tickets to a sporting game or doing a fun activity together, they’ll adore this bonding time.

The secret to a great romantic gesture is basing it off of something they enjoy. You don’t have to do anything crazy to show him you care. The best thing you can do is giving him your time and attention. We guarantee your bond will grow even stronger than it already was!

15Earth Sign: Cooking Him Dinner, You’re Not His Mother

While almost every girl dreams about being surprised with a home cooked candle lit dinner by your man, the Earth signs don’t exactly feel this way. You might think that it’s a great idea since he absolutely loves to eat, but this isn’t exactly something he’ll appreciate.

Instead, he’ll be turned off as he feels like you’re trying to take the place of his mother.

While we know this is the last thing you’re trying to do, he just might. He doesn’t want to be babied and would much rather take you out to a nice restraint to eat. Think again the next time you offer to cook him something.

14Capricorn: Finally Introducing Him To Your Parents, Way Too Early

The Capricorn men like to take things slow and aren’t exactly interested in getting into everything at once. They’re incredibly critical of everything going on around them and can sense when things are going a little too fast.

That’s why the last thing you want to do is have your Capricorn man meet your family at this stage in the relationship.

If he hasn’t offered to introduce you to his family, you shouldn’t be either. This is way too early and isn’t something he’s ready for. Wait for him to bring up the idea, and only then follow his lead. The last thing you want is for him to run away once everything going on overwhelms him.Featured Today

13Virgo: Planning Him Surprises Aided By His Friends, He Feels Like You’re Going Against His Back

We completely adore your spirit wanting to throw your boo the ultimate surprise. While this involves getting his friends involved, this is the last thing he wants. It’ll feel like a total betrayal in his eyes when you decide to plan him a surprise and get his friends involved in secret.

He can’t guarantee that nothing will spark between you and his friends, and isn’t willing to take the chance.

While that might seem completely crazy in your eyes, it’s exactly what he’s thinking about. The last thing you want to do is stress out your man that something might be going on behind his back. This will tear your relationship apart.

12Taurus: Buying Him Clothes, You’re Trying To Change Him

While it’s a sweet effort buying your man clothes as it shows you truly care and want him to look his best, he may not agree. The Taurus may feel like you’re just trying to change him into someone who he’s completely not. He’ll definitely be turned off by this and won’t appreciate your efforts.

Since the Taurus has a past of being taken advantage of, this may spark some negative memories for him.

Instead, make sure that he knows how much you adore him and wouldn’t change a thing. He’ll feel so much more loved if you keep reminding him that you adore every part of him!

11Earth Signs: What He Will Actually Love

You might be getting pretty bummed out at this point as it feels like the Earth signs are completely put off by your romantic gestures. However, there’s one thing that he will absolutely adore. A surprise picnic date will definitely win you points with him, as it’s a cute idea.

Pack some food, a few drinks, and a blanket and surprise your man with the cutest picnic ever!

It’s a cute idea that isn’t overly complex or extra. Instead, it’s a fun date and is perfect for the summer months that we’ve just entered. Take advantage of the awesome weather and plan some fun dates!

10Air Sign: Buying Him Flowers, It Threatens Him

It seems like buying flowers is the most common romantic gesture, yet in his eye’s it’s not. He would much rather buy you flowers and surprise you. Since it’s usually a romantic gesture a man does for a woman, he’s completely put off by being bought flowers.

Instead, the Air signs feel threatened as they feel like you’re trying to send them a message that they’re not good enough.

Especially if he’s never bought you flowers. You man will feel like it’s a spiteful gift and that you’re just trying to tell him he isn’t doing what he is supposed to. Make sure to not do this surprise for your man as some intense passive aggressiveness can come out of it.

9Aquarius: Telling Him How Much Better He Is Than Your Ex, He Feels Like You’re Not Over Him

Many girls find themselves making this huge mistake in their relationships. If you’re dating an Aquarius male, you definitely want to steer clear of this romantic gesture. While we understand that you’re trying to let your man know how great he is compared to the awfulness of your ex, he isn’t exactly into it.

Instead in his eyes, he feels like you’re not over your ex. Simply bringing him up is a total no in his head and turns him off. Now he’s left fearing that you’re not over your ex and are comparing both of them, which you actually are. Make sure to never bring up anything about your ex, even if it’s meant as a compliment to your new man.

8Libra: Expressing Your Love On Social Media, Just Plain Old Embarrassing

The last thing the Libra wants to see is you expressing how head over heels you are for him over social media. This is a red flag in his book as it just comes off super cheesy and embarrassing.

The Libra doesn’t want you to show off your love to the rest of the world.

In his eyes, your relationship is private and between the two of you. He doesn’t want to see tweets of you telling your followers how awesome he is, or, you posting photos of him on your Instagram during Valentines Day or his birthday. While this might be the best romantic gesture in your eyes, he totally despises it.

7Gemini: Sending Him Love Letters, Way Too Cliché

We’ve all read a book or watched a movie where the couple shared love letters with one another. It seems like the most romantic thing ever! While you might adore receiving a love letter from your Gemini, he isn’t exactly into it.

Gemini’s are usually incredibly modern and aren’t into mushy-gushy gestures.

They feel like love letters are a total cliché and are just super extra. That’s why the next time you’re trying to figure out how to express your endless love, make sure not to send it in a letter. With your Gemini man, a text will do the trick!

6Air Signs: What He Will Actually Love

Overall, the air signs just aren’t into all of these over the top romantic gestures. They prefer to keep things simple and fun. That’s why a great surprise that they would actually love is heading out and doing an activity together in nature.

Whether you’re hitting the beach, going for a walk in the forest, or picking up a new hobby together, he’ll absolutely love spending this time outdoors.

The Air signs don’t really care for over the top gestures and would much rather just spend some time together and bond. Doing fun activities is so much better than almost anything else!

5Water Sign: Romantic Dinners, Take Out Is Just As Good

We know you’ve saved that fun summer dress for some romantic dinners with your man, but he just isn’t that into it. He simply doesn’t see the point in going to an overpriced restaurant where the portions are tiny, you have to make a reservation, and candles are the only lighting available.

These romantic dinners are a complete waste of time in his eyes and doesn’t appreciate the experience.

Instead, he so much more into simply getting takeout and watching a movie at home. If you really want to wow your man, pick up his favorite food and surprise him with a pillow and blanket fort. We’re positive this will win you more points than a fancy restaurant

4Pisces: Asking For Permission, He’s Not Your Dad

While asking your man permission to do something might seem as a form of respect in your eyes, he’s completely turned off by it. The fact of the matter is he’s not your dad and you shouldn’t be asking him for permission. The last thing he wants to deal with is a girlfriend who acts like a child.

Make sure to steer clear of asking him for permission, even if you’re simply trying to show him how dedicated you are.

It’s a good idea to instead run your decisions by him to get his input rather than having him control your life. He’ll appreciate your concern in trying to get his opinion!

3Scorpio: Trying To Meet His Family, Way Too Clingy

While we completely understand you’re so excited since you feel like you met the man of your dreams, but you still have to take it slow. Trying to get him to introduce you to his family may be the last thing you want to do as he might run the other way!

Instead, ask him if he’ll like to meet your family first! This is a great way to show that you’re ready to take the next step rather than rushing things.

It’s critical that you take things slow and wait for his call. He’ll let you know when it’s time to meet his family and take the next step. You have to make sure that he feels comfortable in the pace your relationship is going.

2Cancer: Making Collages And Crafts For Him, You’re Not A Child

We completely understand your want to whip out the glue gun and macaroni to make some sincere gifts, but your man isn’t feeling it. While it’s cute that you’re trying to make some hand make gifts for him, he doesn’t exactly view it this way.

Instead, he’s being reminded of a child, and that’s totally the last thing you want to be compared to.

It’s time to throw away the sparkles and buy actual meaningful gifts rather than bombarding him with homemade collages and crafts. You’re an adult so it’s time you act like one. However, maybe make some homemade treats for him, he’ll totally appreciate that one.

1Water Signs: What He Will Actually Love

While it may come as a complete surprise, the best romantic gesture that you can offer the Water Signs is playing a little hard to get. Hear us out, your man want’s to be the one to parade you with all of these romantic gestures, so playing a little hard to get will definitely inspire him to put in the work and wow you.

Rather than trying to surprise him, let him take over and show how much he actually cares.

He’ll feel so much manlier and will love having you melt at his romantic gestures. And truth be told, you would much rather be surprised with these fairy tale gestures rather than trying to buy him roses. Your man knows what to do if you finally give him the chance.

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