Have you ever wanted to date someone but they very clearly wanted to remain single? Maybe your crush has always been single but he’s really open to flirting and dating around. These are signs of men who are afraid to commit to one woman. They like their playboy ways and have a great time living it up with multiple women all the time. After all, why should he tie himself down with one girl when he could go on dates with different women every day of the week? Alternately, there are those who aren’t the playboy type but still aren’t ready for a serious relationship. Whether they’re afraid of a one-on-one or there are other issues at stake, some guys genuinely aren’t ready to handle the stresses of a serious relationship.

So how can you tell if your crush is afraid of commitment? Just look at what his zodiac says about him! What is his element, what sort of temperament should you expect and how serious will he be when it comes to dating? Don’t worry, you can learn all about your man just by consulting the stars! Here’s how afraid he is of commitment, based on his Zodiac sign:

20If You Want A Serious Relationship, Keep An Eye Out For Earth Signs

Earth signs tend to go the extra mile to prove they want to commit to a relationship. Their problems lie in the details. If you’re head-over-heels for a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, then you might want to consider what you really want. Sometimes Earth signs aren’t as solid as they seem — they can be a little overbearing or expect too much from you.

Sometimes they’re not at the same maturity level you are, which can definitely complicate some things.

The best thing to do when it comes to an Earth sign is to really consider the kind of guy he is and ask yourself whether you’re really right for each other.

19Capricorn Men Aren’t Afraid To Commit — As Long As You Respect Family And Tradition

Some Capricorn men really value their families. They have annual traditions that they want to share with their partners, so if you don’t think you can handle going to various family events throughout the year, maybe you should look for love elsewhere.

Capricorn guys aren’t afraid to commit to a woman who cares about her family and is willing to care about his too. If his love interest doesn’t want anything to do with their family, a Capricorn man will refuse to commit and won’t apologize for it. He’s looking for someone specific, someone he can introduce to his family and their many traditions.

18Capricorns BONUS: They Want To Commit — The Question Is Whether You Really Want Them To

Capricorn guys can be a little…rude sometimes. They have really strong feelings and they sometimes look down their noses at anyone who thinks differently. This doesn’t define them by any means, but nearly everything they do is with the intensity of a million suns.

They’re either all in or not in at all.

Is that really the kind of guy you want to be with? If it’s casual dating, Capricorn guys are great but remember this: Once they get serious, they sometimes go a little overboard and need to be reminded to calm down. If left unchecked, a Capricorn can take control of the relationship and steer it in the wrong direction.

17Once A Taurus Falls In Love, He’s All In

To prove your feelings for him, you’ve got to show that you’re just as reliable, patient, responsible and stable as he is — to a point. Otherwise, he isn’t going to commit. He wants to play around and have a lot of fun with women who aren’t as mature as he is, but the minute one shows up, he’s practically picking out her engagement ring!

Goofing off with girls is one thing, but once he falls in love, he’s ready to step up to the plate and give the relationship his A game. Oh no, Taurus isn’t afraid of commitment. He’s just waiting for the right girl.

16Virgos Are Afraid To Commit — Unless You’re Willing To Wait For A Long Courtship

When it comes to romantic relationships, Virgo guys tend to want to take things rather slowly.

Virgos already have certain routines and they are aware that once they get serious about a girl, they are going to have to include her in that routine.

Sometimes it’s just easier to take a girl out, get a feel for her personality and hang out with her friends to see if she’s the same around them as she is around everyone else. He’s going to force her to wait a pretty long time before he commits, but once he’s ready, he’ll go all in.

15When It Comes To Relationships, Fire Signs Can Be Dramatic

If you’re dating an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, then you know they can sometimes be little drama kings. Of course, they’re not perfect — no one is, but you know they can sometimes make a relationship really difficult.

When it comes to actually getting serious about exclusive dating, sometimes Fire signs can freak out a little bit. It could be that they’re afraid they’ll be tied down or that they think they’re too young to have to “settle down” right now, but one thing is guaranteed: Most Fire signs are going to take their time and hope they don’t have to commit in the end.

14An Aries Isn’t Afraid To Commit AT ALL!

An Aries guy is quick to commit, but be warned — Aries men are impulsive. They may be quick to commit but they’re also quick to move on. They love passionately and their feelings for their women are real, but much like a flame, they’re quick to burn out and reignite elsewhere.

They want excitement and they need to feel free if they’re going to be happy.

The only way to get the best of both worlds is to jump from one passionate relationship to the next until they mature enough to understand they need to put an end to the cycle.Featured Today

13Aries BONUS: They Are Afraid To Commit Because It Takes A Special Woman To Accept Their Extra Enthusiasm

Their excitement is usually what draws women to them, but it’s also their greatest flaw. Aries men can sometimes fear commitment because they know they’re just going to get what they want out of the relationship, then either get bored or just feel restless.

They’ll need to move on and that’ll hurt the girl, so it’s better not to commit at all, right? Again, they’ll need to mature to the point where they understand what their weaknesses are and once they grow up, they’ll realize that they can find that one special woman who can meet all of their needs and then some.

12Leos Are Too Fearful To Commit

Unless they date a woman willing to bend to their every will, Leos are terrified of commitment. They tend to believe their girlfriends will double-cross them somehow and break their hearts.

It’s easier for a Leo to not date at all than it is for him to accept just any girl.

Unfortunately, he’s not like a Virgo — he isn’t willing to put in a lot of time or effort on a few ladies until he can decide which one is the best match. He’s more interested in casually dating and as soon as she starts to ask about getting serious, he’s going to bail.

11Don’t Be Fooled — A Sagittarius Will Hide Their Fear Of Commitment

Sagittarius men are quick to agree once a girl asks to be exclusive, but inside he’s freaking out! He’ll pretend everything is fine while he’s with his friends, family and his girlfriend, but once everyone is turned away, he’s internally shrieking in agony! He’s terrified she’s going to do something to hurt him and he’s even more frightened of being the one who messes up.

Instead of calmly thinking things through, a Sagittarius man can overthink things and react sporadically, which ultimately leads to the conclusion of the relationship. He doesn’t do this on purpose, but his fear of commitment is what drives him.

10It’s Hard To Tell With Water Signs Because They’re Fine One Minute, Then Upset The Next

Water signs are a mixed bag. Sometimes they’re cheerful and happy in their relationships and sometimes they’re depressed about them. With these kinds of serious ups and downs, it’s nearly impossible to understand if they’re going to commit or if they’re just too scared. The interesting thing is even within the same signs the guys can differ.

One Cancer may love to commit while another might run for the hills!

As each Water sign is on a per-individual basis, it can be difficult to understand what they want, even if you ask them clearly. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just give a relationship your all and hope for the best.

9If You Start Out As Friends, A Scorpio Isn’t Afraid At All

The thing about Scorpio guys is that some of them aren’t ready for commitment. They don’t like tethering themselves to another person because they’re afraid they’ll miss out on better opportunities.

They’re also afraid things might mess up, leaving them stuck with a partner they never really wanted to be exclusive with, in the first place. Scorpio guys who are like this are aware that it might not be fair to the girls who love them, but they’re also a little too interested in their own priorities to care. They won’t commit at all unless the other person is a long-term friend.

8Scorpio BONUS: These Men Tend To Have Trust Issues — They’re Very Afraid Of Commitment

Sometimes, even if you’ve been friends for years, a Scorpio guy can still be afraid to commit. He doesn’t want to ruin the great friendship you fostered and he’s scared that a romantic relationship can open the door to countless other issues.

He doesn’t trust that he can be the best boyfriend to her and he’s afraid she can’t be the best girlfriend to him.

Ultimately, he’s just wanting to protect himself by refusing to commit to anyone. In fact, he won’t even commit to friends and family members because he fears they won’t have his back when he needs them. Sorry ladies, some Scorpio guys walk a lonely road.

7Pisces Men Aren’t Afraid To Commit — Their Issue Is Committing To Only ONE Person!

There are several great aspects of Pisces guys. Unfortunately, all of their positives turn into a single negative: He’s really popular because he’s so nice, handsome and cool, but because he can get any woman he wants, he’s only too happy to take advantage.

He may be quick to commit to one girl, but he’s likely to have a few other women to whom he’s “committed” himself. He doesn’t mean to fall in love so easily, but because he’s so popular and women are always throwing themselves at him, it’s tough to turn them down. Of course, he’ll grow out of it one day but for now, don’t expect him to fully commit.

6It’s Rare A Cancer Commits, But When He Does, It’s Solid

Cancer guys are tough cookies. They don’t want to commit to anyone or anything. They’re all about doing their own thing and not having to worry about how other people feel about it.

Sometimes they can be loners who prefer silence to surround them.

That’s not going to happen if they’re in a committed relationship. They know they’ve got their own issues to sort out, so instead of bothering to commit to a relationship, some Cancer guys commit to themselves first. Once he gets to where he wants to be, then he’s ready to look for the right woman and once he finds her, he’s quick to put a ring on it.

5Air Signs Are Less Likely To Be Afraid

The great thing about Air signs is they’re usually pretty carefree, making them the least likely to be afraid of commitment. Their personalities tend to be a pretty balanced mixture, but sometimes things can get away from them.

If you’re dating an Aquarius, Gemini or Libra, just remember that they’re likely to be extremely honest with you. That can be good or that can spell out disaster, depending on what’s going on in your relationship. At least the good news is that you’ll never have to wonder if they’re afraid of commitment — Air signs are usually the first to jump into serious relationships!

4An Aquarius Is Happy To Commit, But They’re Extremely Picky

If you’re wondering how an Aquarius guy handles commitment, look no further! He’s happy to commit — but only to the right girl. He’s looking for someone who is intellectually compatible, who has interests similar but not perfectly aligned with his and he wants someone who makes him feel like the relationship can last forever.

Even if it doesn’t, he’s going to take dating very seriously.

He’s not looking for a little temporary fun, he’s looking for prospective wife material. Most Aquarius guys are willing to commit the minute a girl goes from being “okay” to proving she’s got what it takes to be his eternal lover.

3Libras Are Afraid To Commit To Their First Serious Girlfriends

Most Libras are perfectly fine committing themselves in a serious relationship, but if he’s never had one before, odds are he’s going to freak out with his first girlfriend. He isn’t quite sure of himself yet but he knows what he wants.

He’s excited to be dating her and he knows he wants the relationship to be special, but he’s not going to just jump into things without taking a little time. His hesitation might make some girls question whether he can handle a real relationship, but the reality is he’s just making sure everything looks okay before he jumps in.

2Libra BONUS: He Isn’t Afraid To Commit To Strong Women

For Libras who have already had at least one serious relationship, they’re not at all scared of committing to the right girl. This time around, they’re looking for independent women who know what they want and are doing everything in their power to get it.

If you’re passionate about a specific career and you’re interning, going to school, or studying about that particular professional path, well, let’s just say he’s impressed by your passion.

Libra guys take themselves seriously and want a woman who can do the same with herself. When it comes to strong, independent women, Libras are only too happy to commit!

1Gemini Men Aren’t Afraid, They Just Prefer Casual Dating

Last, but not least, is the Gemini guy. He’s not afraid to commit at all! The thing is, he’s more likely to prefer casual dating first. He wants to experience all life has to offer and he figures the more women he dates, the better he’ll become in the romance department so when the right girl appears, he’s ready to give 100 percent to the relationship.

In the meantime, he’s just kicking back, having fun and trying to familiarize himself with as many amazing opportunities as possible before settling down. If you’re having fun with a Gemini man, just remember he’s not likely to settle down anytime soon.

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