Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time—it’s not pleasant, but it’s just a fact of life. Yes, there are some people out there who always seem super happy-go-lucky no matter what, while there are others who just seem like they don’t get stressed out.

But rest assured that if you get a little nervous and worried from time to time, you are definitely not alone! Even if some people are great at hiding, every single human being out there goes through the same thing. That’s just how it is! We live in a pretty stressful world, after all—you’ve got to balance work, school, relationships, friendships, family time, hobbies, and all kinds of other responsibilities. It’s only natural that sometimes you just feel like you need a long break from it all.

Everyone gets stressed out and worries about different things. Some people feel comfortable in busy social situations, while some people prefer more alone time. Some people stress out about the future, while other people spend more time worrying about mistakes from their past. But did you know that your sign could be the reason you get anxious about certain things? Here’s the one thing that each zodiac sign panics about the most.

24Libra Girl: She Can’t Handle Confrontation

Libra girls truly just want to be liked. Deep down, they really do just want to please everyone, and as long as they know they’re with a group of people who hold good opinions of them, they will probably feel pretty chilled out and stress-free.

So what’s the one thing that really makes these girls panic? They usually don’t like to argue.

If you’re upset with a Libra girl and you admit how you’re feeling to her face, she will probably just shut down and try to get out of the situation. These girls really don’t want to make anyone angry!

23Libra Guy: He Gets Anxious Over Making Big Decisions

Libra guys are similar to Libra girls in that they are always in the mindset that they should try to please everyone. They do not want to rock the boat or upset anybody—in fact, they are often known as the peacekeepers in their friend groups! However, they do get super stressed over one thing: making big decisions.

Libra guys worry a bit when faced with major choices, not just because they don’t know what will make them happiest, but because they want everyone else to approve of their choice, too. Trying to meet this standard can really make them worry.

22Aquarius Girl: She Worries About Being Accepted By Others

If you’re into astrology, you may already know that Aquarius girls are known for their strong independent streaks. Saying that an Aquarius girl marches to the beat of her own drum is an understatement—these girls would rather walk alone than change themselves to fit in at any cost.

They do not want to forget their individuality to fit anyone else’s definition of how they “should” act.

But interestingly enough, they do worry about whether or not people will truly accept them. They want to be themselves, but they also want to connect with others, and it can be hard sometimes.

21Aquarius Guy: Strict Rules Freak Him Out

As we just established, Aquarius girls are super independent—and so are Aquarius guys! Guys and girls born under this sign do have a lot in common. This is exactly why Aquarius guys get super nervous when they are expected to follow strict rules. They do not want to compromise their standards or set aside their own personal values for anyone—but they do have to “play the game” sometimes, so to speak.

After all, we all have to follow the rules and go along with the crowd at times. When Aquarius guys are in these situations, they tend to stress out.

20Virgo Girl: She Panics When Plans Fall Apart

Virgo girls are super serious when it comes to planning. These girls do NOT mess around! When they make a plan, they stick to it—no exceptions! But as we all know, life is simply not perfect.

And as they say, even the best-laid plans fall apart sometimes.

Yes, even when a Virgo girl has laid out all the details in her planner, things change. Naturally, this is the time when Virgo girls panic the most. They are not used to going with the flow and being spontaneous. So when their plans don’t work out, they’re guaranteed to be a little stressed.

19Virgo Guy: He Panics When He Feels Like He’s Not In Control

Just like Virgo girls, Virgo guys like everything to be super organized. They definitely are not the kind of guys to just throw caution to the wind and wing it. They would rather take the time to figure out every meticulous little detail of their schedule and stick to it exactly than leave anything to chance.

As you can imagine, Virgo guys start to panic when they realize that they are not in control of a given situation. They would much rather be a leader than a follower, and having to take the back seat and trust that things will work out is stressful!

18Pisces Girl: She Gets Social Anxiety

Pisces girls really enjoy their alone time—and sometimes they enjoy it so much that they prefer to stay in and chill rather than make plans. As a water sign, Pisces girls are definitely sensitive people, so that’s why they need so much “me” time.

However, this also means that hanging out with groups or just being in social situations, in general, can send Pisces girls into a panic.

This sign definitely deals with a lot of stress surrounding social situations, and it’s something that they are always working on improving. And once you get to know them, they’re so much fun!Featured Today

17Pisces Guy: He Worries About Being Loved For Who He Is

Pisces guys don’t always feel like they fit in with other men. Like Pisces women, they also deal with a little bit of social anxiety, but the root of their stress is actually a little different. Pisces guys are sensitive and emotional, and sometimes, they feel like other guys don’t relate.

Therefore, Pisces guys worry about being left out and feeling different. Sometimes, they can get really down in the dumps when they think about this. They worry that it will be tough for them to meet some good guy friends, or that they will have trouble finding a girlfriend.

16Sagittarius Girl: She Can’t Deal With Busy Schedules And Tight Deadlines

If you want to see a Sagittarius girl panic, just give her a deadline. Yup, every one of her college professors has seen her go into total panic mode a few times each semester!

These girls are free spirits to the core, and they just do not like to have a ton of structure in their lives.

They don’t like seeing deadlines looming in their planners, knowing that they have not gotten started on whatever it is that they need to be doing! Having to meet a serious deadline and deal with a busy schedule makes them panic like nothing else.

15Sagittarius Guy: He Gets Super Anxious Thinking About The Future

Sagittarius men really are not big fans of planning or doing major preparations in advance for, well, anything. Seriously, most of them do not even worry about showing up to class on time. But here’s the thing—they know that planning ahead is just not in their nature. However, this actually causes them to stress out over the future more than you would expect.

Sagittarius guys often find themselves wondering if they can keep this carefree lifestyle forever, or if one day, it won’t feel like so much fun anymore. Thoughts like this can get them really worried at certain times.

14Scorpio Girl: She Can’t Stand The Thought Of Being Lied To

Yes, Scorpio women get super emotional, but they are at peace with this aspect of their personalities. However, this also means that they are super careful with who they chose to trust.

Scorpio ladies know that they can be hurt easily, so they always try to be extra careful about who they choose to become friends with and hang out with in general.

This is why Scorpio women totally panic if they suspect that they have been lied to. If you’re a Scorpio girl, you already know that there is just no worse feeling than knowing a friend has been dishonest.

13Scorpio Guy: He Worries About Losing True Friends

Scorpio men know that their emotional rollercoasters can seem strange to some people. What can we say except these guys are just more emotional than average—as you can see, they have a lot in common with Pisces men. After all, they are both water signs!

Basically, Scorpio guys tend to worry about how the other people around them can be affected by their moods. These thoughts turn into a whole cycle of their own—they will worry about what their friends think, start feeling a little upset because of it, and then worry even more because they’re in a bad mood!

12Leo Girl: The Thought Of Failure Keeps Her Up At Night

If you have any girlfriends who happen to be Leos—or if you’re a Leo girl—you already know that these girls are SO tough on themselves. They will not accept anything less than perfection when it comes to work, school, and even their social lives.

Leo gals have to be on top of everything at all times, so when they do slip up and make mistakes, they will really get down on themselves for it.

However, their friends know that these worries are misplaced. Because of course, everyone makes mistakes, though these girls are already so successful they shouldn’t have to worry!

11Leo Guy: He Gets Nervous About Meeting High Expectations

Leo men and Leo women are so similar—they are truly two sides of the same coin! Leo men also get very stressed out about meeting the super high expectations that they set for themselves! These guys just want to succeed at everything they set their mind to, and this attitude means that they usually do.

But sometimes, Leo guys need to take a breath and go easy on themselves. If you happen to be a Leo guy, just know that no one expects you to be perfect all the time, and you don’t need to hold yourself to that standard.

10Cancer Girl: She Panics About Making Little Mistakes

Cancer girls are so loving and sweet. Their attention to detail also makes them the best at planning parties and other fun events. They just want everyone to feel happy and welcome no matter what’s going on!

But this is why they stress out over making little mistakes.

They will try to hide it, but it’s true. You might not picture a Cancer girl as the type to panic over making a small mistake every once in a while, but you would be surprised at how anxious they can get over things like this. It really can be very stressful for them.

9Cancer Guy: He Worries About Disappointing Others

Cancer men just want to make people happy. That goal lies at the root of everything they do. It’s not that they’re people pleasers who will bend over backward to make anyone happy—it’s just that they are genuinely so kind that they don’t want to see anyone feeling sad.

They want to be cheerful and optimistic so that they can brighten up their friends’ lives. So if a Cancer guy feels like he has disappointed one of his loved ones in some way, there is no doubt that he will have a moment of panic, despite his usual positive attitude.

8Aries Girl: She Gets Nervous About Big Groups And Crowds

Is it surprising to hear that Aries women might get a little nervous around big crowds at times?

While this is a common source of stress for many people, no matter what their sign is, many people imagine that Aries girls are always super social and up for a good time.

And this is partly true—when it comes to hanging out with their good friends, at least. But when it comes to strangers, that is not always the case. These girls definitely can feel a little bit panicked when they are in a crowd of people they don’t know well.

7Aries Guy: He Worries About What Other People Think Of Him

If you’re familiar with astrology, hearing that Aries men actually DO care about what other people think may come as a shock—but it’s a little-known secret that many people don’t realize. Yes, Aries guys may be confident, and it may seem like they are always secure in their own opinions.

However, this does not mean that they don’t consider what other people think of them. They do—and although they always try hard not to let it show, those feelings are still there. Therefore, Aries men definitely can get panicky when they worry about what other people actually think of them.

6Taurus Girl: She Panics About Her Many Responsibilities

Taurus girls have a deep-seated need to stay busy. They’re just born that way—they actually love having long to-do lists and lots of work to do and tasks to tick off.

When they have too much free time, Taurus girls just get bored and start coming up with new projects to tackle.

These girls just can’t sit still, and honestly, they wouldn’t have it any other way! They love being on the go and hustling, but sometimes they take on way too much at once, and they begin to panic over their many responsibilities. They could benefit from spending some more time relaxing.

5Taurus Guy: Feels Like He Has To Be A Leader All the Time

Taurus guys would much rather lead than follow. They are very similar in personality to other guys born under earth signs, like Virgo—so yes, they love to be the one in control! To put it simply, they would much rather be in the driver’s seat than in the passenger’s seat.

But sometimes, this pressure to always act like a leader can really start to get to them. They wonder if they’re doing the wrong thing and letting everyone down, and they also wonder if they will ever get a chance to sit back and just enjoy themselves in the future.

4Capricorn Girl: She Worries That She Won’t Achieve All Of Her Goals

We all know that Capricorn women are super serious when it comes to setting and achieving goals. These girls don’t mess around when it comes to their futures—they have crazy ambition, and they will show the world exactly what they are made of.

Capricorn women want to go out and get what they want out of life.

However, this means that they can easily start to panic if they feel themselves falling behind. It is very common for Capricorn women to worry about whether or not they will achieve everything they want—but they work so hard that they always do!

3Capricorn Guy: He Constantly Thinks About Money

Yes, Capricorn guys are hard workers, and they are super motivated to accomplish all of their career goals. And their great work ethic and passion for their jobs typically mean that they are financially stable and have plenty of money saved for a rainy day. In other words, they really have nothing to worry about when it comes to saving money and paying the bills!

But this does not stop them from panicking over whether or not they have enough money. Capricorn men definitely spend some time worrying about money, even if they do not really need to stress over it.

2Gemini Girl: She Gets Anxious About Being Alone

Gemini women are social butterflies. They would much rather be surrounded by a big group of friends than spend time alone. They are definitely some of the biggest extroverts in the zodiac, and they love to plan fun social events for all of their friends.

The idea of being alone actually can make Gemini girls anxious.

No, this doesn’t mean that they can’t spend a quiet night in every once in a while—but if they end up going through a full weekend without any plans, it will definitely stress them out! They really need to be social to feel their best.

1Gemini Guy: He Worries About Miscommunications

Gemini men are also super social—they love to meet new people and just have fun hanging out with friends. So it may surprise you to hear that they actually spend a lot of time worrying about communication—or, should we say, miscommunication?

Gemini guys definitely like to connect with new people, but they often get stressed out thinking about what kind of first impression they may have made. They worry whether or not they said anything that rubbed the other person the wrong way. But we all know how charming and sweet Gemini guys can be—so they have nothing to stress about!

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