Right now, you’re probably thinking very seriously about what you want the next year of your life to look like. What do you want to accomplish in 2018? Do you want to get accepted to your dream school, move up the ladder at your job, travel the world, pick up a new hobby, or lose a few pounds? These are all very common New Year’s resolutions.

You may have a couple goals for the next year, but you might also be hoping that a few other good things will come your way in 2018. If you’re like many other single people, you’re probably hoping that you’ll meet someone special next year! If your resolution is to finally find love, you might be in luck—depending on your zodiac sign!

In 2018, some signs will be falling head over heels for someone who loves them back, while others will have to spend a little more time working on themselves before meeting the person they’re meant to be with! So, which category do you fall into? Well, we’ve got all the answers here for you! Here are 12 signs that will find love next year, and 12 that will still be waiting.

24Finding Love: Pisces Woman

Pisces girls, you already know that you are hopeless romantics. But you’re so sick of feeling like your love life is, well, hopeless! Don’t worry, things are about to get a lot more romantic for you this year. You have always dreamed of meeting the guy who supports all of your creative endeavors, who wants to travel with you and explore new cultures, who is sensitive, emotional, and caring—and you’re finally about to get your wish! That guy will enter your life in the coming months, and your world will never be the same. Keep an eye out for your fellow water signs—a Cancer or Scorpio might just come along to sweep you off your feet. We know you’re already planning your Valentine’s Day festivities with this new guy.

23Still Waiting: Pisces Man

Pisces boy, we know that you would make a great boyfriend. And you know it too! However, not every girl is ready for the type of relationship that you want to have. You don’t do casual. You get way too invested for that. But when you’re young, “casual” is all that many people are looking for. So you end up feeling left out while everyone else is enjoying themselves. The truth is that you’ll be waiting for a little while longer. But don’t you worry—you have a lot to look forward to in 2019! Yes, 2018 may feel like a long, boring year in the dating department. But don’t lose hope, because there are so many good things in store for you when 2019 rolls around.

22Still Waiting: Virgo Woman

Virgo girls, you’ve had a pretty good year, and you were kind of hoping that someone truly special would come into your life in 2018. This isn’t the case just yet, but in 2019, you will meet someone who has you ready to run off into the sunset and elope. However, you will definitely be waiting for another year or so. It’s not that you’re too busy for a relationship, or not emotionally ready. You just don’t feel truly passionate about the idea yet. You haven’t had the best luck with relationships so far, and you’re hoping to turn that around the next time you meet someone you really click with. Don’t lose faith in love! That person will come along at the perfect moment, and you won’t regret a second you spend waiting.

21Finding Love: Virgo Man

Virgo boys, you have had a long, lonely 2017. You’ve been wondering when your luck is going to turn around, and as the year comes to a close, we have some good news for you. You like to take it slow when getting into a relationship, which leaves many people confused in this day and age—everyone always seems to be so eager to rush into something new! But this year, you’re going to meet a girl who feels the same way that you do. And when the two of you connect, you’ll know that she’s special right away. You’ll have a great time getting to know each other on a few nice dates, and by the time you’re ready to ask her out, she’ll be dying to say yes!

20Finding Love: Aquarius Woman

Aquarius girls, guess what? Aquarius boys won’t be the only ones finding love this year! You’ve also got a pretty great outlook for 2018. This is going to be your year! You’ve never been the “new year, new me” type, but you’re starting to see the value in making resolutions. You want to change some things about your life this year—during previous years, you’ve been far too stubborn, but 2018 is different. You really want to meet a special guy this year, someone who makes you forget that you’ve ever been hurt. And we’ve got some great news for you—your wish is about to come true! Soon enough, you’re going to meet a guy who will show you exactly why it never worked out with anyone else.

19Finding Love: Aquarius Man

Aquarius guys, you are not always relationship types. You are fiercely independent, and you don’t want to compromise any aspect of your life for someone who expects you to change. This typically means hat you avoid serious relationships and go for casual hook ups instead. You get to have fun and avoid all of the expectations that come along with a real relationship. And that’s always felt like a win-win situation for you—until recently. This year, you’ve been feeling like you need something real. You’re down with fooling around, and you want someone you can truly connect with. The good news is that she’s coming your way in 2018! You may meet her in the most unexpected place, but when you do find that special girl, you’ll know right away!

18Finding Love: Libra Woman

Libra girl, you are absolutely the relationship type! But lately, you’ve been feeling sad and alone. You love being in a relationship, but being single feels so boring. The good news is that you made the best out of being single in 2017. You really took this as an opportunity to focus on all the positives in life and really committed yourself to work, school, and health. Now, you’re the best you that you could be—and you’re ready to meet a guy who is just as confident! You’re very particular about the type of guy that you want to date, so it can be hard to find someone that you truly want to be with. But luck will be on your side in 2018, and the perfect guy is about to walk right into your life.Featured Today

17Finding Love: Libra Man

Libra boys, you better be looking forward to 2018, because things are about to heat up! You already know that Libra girls will be lucky in love this year, but you won’t be left out! It looks like every Libra will be having a great year in the romance department. Let’s talk about your past relationships for a moment. In previous years, you’ve gotten into relationships simply because you felt that they would make you look good. You cared more about status and image than the actual love between you and your girlfriend. That’s all about to change in 2018. Yup, you’re in for a wake up call! The girl who comes along this year and turns your world upside down is going to show you why love is all that matters.

16Still Waiting: Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius girls, it might sound strange to say that this is good news, but you won’t be getting into any serious relationships in 2018. Any other sign might be crushed upon reading those words, but not you! You’re ready for a year full of fun and freedom. You don’t plan on spending any part of this upcoming year tied down to anyone, and you couldn’t be happier about it. You know that at this point in your life, you are happiest when you can be fully independent. You don’t want a guy texting you at all hours of the night, you don’t want to meet anyone’s parents during the holidays, and you definitely don’t want some sappy Valentine’s Day gift. Nope, you just want to relax and have fun with your friends!

15Finding Love: Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius boy, you had a wild 2017. But as a Sag, every year of your life has been pretty wild! However, you have some different ideas for 2018. You’re tired of running from place to place, girl to girl, and job to job. You really want to focus on figuring out what you see for your future. You want to settle down somewhere that you love, find the right career path for you, meet some awesome new friends, and even find a relationship that you don’t want to quit after a month or two. This is a new feeling for you, but you’ve embraced it whole heartedly. And some girl out there is thinking the same thing—and soon enough, you two will be crossing paths!

14Finding Love: Scorpio Woman

Scorpio girl, you know that you have never been easy to please. Your stubborn side has driven away quite a few guys over the years. But in 2018, you are finally ready to turn over a new leaf. You no longer want silly flings and summer hook ups. And most importantly of all, you are ready to learn how to manage your emotions in a mature and healthy way. Your rollercoaster emotions have ruined relationships before, but you are finally committed to breaking this habit and focusing on self-improvement and mindfulness. In a few short months, a guy is going to come along who makes you wonder why you ever fell for anyone else—and he is going to stay with you through thick and thin.

13Still Waiting: Scorpio Man

Scorpio guys, you can be tough to date. Most girls aren’t used to being with a guy who is as emotional as they are! It’s definitely a new dynamic for many women. But that’s okay, because the truth is that right now, you are just not emotionally ready to date anyone long-term. In fact, you’re not even really interested in casual flings. 2017 was probably a tough year for you in the romantic department. You may have had your heart broken once or twice, or you may have had a few hook ups turn out to be total drags when fighting became more common than having fun. Whatever your situation is, Scorpio boy, you’ll be taking a break from the dating scene in 2018—and that’s okay!

12Finding Love: Gemini Man

Gemini guys, you have a reputation for being the worst boyfriends on the planet. We’re not trying to offend you—we’re just letting you know the truth! And the truth may hurt, but you’ve got to recognize how some girls see you before you can pursue a relationship. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about your love life in 2018! You’re going to be a lucky guy—there’s a girl who is about to come into your life and knock your socks off. Don’t let this chance pass you by! You will have to move away from your old habits of chasing one girl only to drop her for another a week later. But if you can manage that, your romantic future will be bright!

11Still Waiting: Gemini Woman

Gemini girl, you may have seen that this is the year when Gemini boys will finally start to settle down, but this isn’t the case for you just yet! Don’t worry, your time will come. Gemini, you’re having fun right now, and you don’t want that fun to end just yet. So enjoy your time in 2018—you’ll probably meet quite a few cute guys, but none of them will be “the one.” However, just wait to see what happens in 2019—you’ll be surprised at who you meet! For now, just focus on doing your own thing and doing what makes you happy in the moment. Don’t try to force yourself to settle down just yet, because you aren’t quite ready—take your time!

10Still Waiting: Taurus Woman

Alright, Taurus girls, your male counterparts may be finding love this upcoming year, but unfortunately, you’ll be waiting for a little while longer. And honestly, you’re okay with it. You have some big, big plans for 2018, and you’re not sure you would even have time for a boyfriend! Maybe you have a couple big trips booked, maybe you’re planning to move somewhere far away, or maybe you’re going to tackle a whole new career path. Whatever it is, your vision for this year is intense, and you don’t need any boy drama getting in the way of your dreams! Taurus, the fruits of your labor will definitely pay off by 2019, and you’ll be ready to open yourself up to romance once again—but until then, just keep working hard!

9Finding Love: Taurus Man

Taurus guys, you know that you make awesome boyfriends. So why do you always feel like you’re being overlooked? The truth is that most of the time, you go for the wrong girls. Many girls will not appreciate all of the nice things that you do for them, especially when you’re both young. But there are plenty of girls out there who will—you just have to find them! Be patient, and good things will come to you. In 2018, you have a lot to look forward to. For the first time, you’re going to feel like you’re getting a ton of attention from girls. But there will probably be one girl who really stands out to you, and when you meet her, you’ve got to go for it with everything you have!

8Still Waiting: Leo Woman

Leo girl, we’ve got some bad news for you—depending on how you look at it. The truth is that a relationship is just not in the cards for you in 2018. You’ve still got some waiting to do, but it’s definitely not the end of the world, so don’t get too discouraged! Maybe in 2019, a special guy will come along. But for now, you need to take this time to focus on yourself. Leo girl, you always have big goals. You shoot for the moon, every time. In 2017, you felt like you weren’t as committed to your goals as you should have been. But in 2018, you’ll be a single lady with plenty of time to focus on YOU—you’ll be amazed with what you accomplish!

7Finding Love: Leo Man

Leo boys, you tend to think pretty highly of yourselves. You know that you’ve made quite a few girls happy in the past—right before you broke their hearts, of course. Yup, you’re a heartbreaker, and you’ve never had any shame about it. You know that you get a ton of attention from girls, and you’ve always enjoyed it. But because you’ve always had so many girls interested in you, committing to one girl can feel so difficult. Why stay with one girl when a better one could come along any minute? In 2018, you’ll meet a girl who changes your attitude. You’ll begin to see the value ins ticking it out with one girl for the long term instead of dropping her after a couple months, and it will change your life!

6Finding Love: Cancer Woman

Cancer girls, you don’t always have the best of luck in relationships. In fact, you’ve been burned more times than you can count. Guys notice your kind and caring nature, and some of them have taken advantage of it. They know that you’re too trusting, so they cheat on you, lie to you, or simply ghost you, knowing that you might still stick around despite their actions. But this year, you’re about to meet a guy who treats you better than you could have ever imagined. And you totally deserve it! Cancer girls, you make some of the best girlfriends, and you need a guy who treats you like the queen that you are. The wait is finally over, and you will meet him in 2018.

5Still Waiting: Cancer Man

Cancer guys, you’re definitely not going into 2018 looking for a relationship. In fact, there’s a good chance that you just got dumped, or had to break up with someone who you once thought was the one. Either way, you’re pretty wary of getting into a relationship right now—sometimes, you wonder if you’ll ever be ready for one again! Don’t worry, Cancer guys, you are amazing boyfriends, and one day, you will meet a girl who treats you right. You’ve just had a string of bad luck in 2017! We can’t promise that your luck will turn around in 2018, but just wait for 2019—there are so many good things in your future, and you’ve earned it all! You’ll meet that special girl—you just have to give it a little time

4Still Waiting: Aries Woman

Aries girl, you’re not looking for love right now, so you might actually be relieved to hear that you’ll probably stay single for 2018. You know that you just can’t handle a relationship right now. You have a lot on your plate, and you feel like you barely have enough time to deal with all of your responsibilities. Maybe you just took on a new role at work, maybe you have a tough year at college, or maybe your family members are relying on you right now—either way, it’s not a good time for you to start dating someone. But things won’t be this hard forever, and soon enough, you’ll have enough time to start looking for the right guy. For now, don’t even think about romance!

3Still Waiting: Aries Man

Alright, Aries boys, you’ve already seen what’s in store for Aries girls this year, and maybe you’re hoping that the outlook will be a little better for you. Sorry, boys, maybe next year! 2019 will be a great year for any Aries looking for love—but 2018 isn’t going to be so hot. Aries guys, we know that you might be eager to meet a special girl and ask her out, but honestly, the time is just not right. Next year will be looking much better for you, but for now, you will just have to be patient! You definitely have some growing up to do, but your time will come. After all, when the right girl DOES finally come along, you don’t want her to slip right through your hands!

2Still Waiting: Capricorn Woman

It seems like 2018 won’t be the best year for Capricorns when it comes to love. But Capricorn girls, keep your heads up, because 2019 is going to be your year! We’re not going to lie to you, you’re going to hit a few rough patches in 2018. Sometimes, you’ll feel like you’re really struggling, especially when it comes to relationships. But you’re going to be okay in the end. These things take time to fall into place. In 2019, all of the pieces will come together, and you’ll see why everything had to happen the way that it did. You will meet that special guy in 2019, but you’ve got a lot of learning to do in 2018 before you’ll be ready for that relationship.

1Still Waiting: Capricorn Man

Capricorn boys, 2018 is going to be a crazy year for you—just not in the romance department. We know, we know, you really do want to meet a nice girl and settle down soon enough, but you need to trust the timing of the universe. You always seem to end up meeting “the right girl at the wrong time,” but in 2019, you’re finally going to meet the right girl at the RIGHT time, and everything will fall into place. But until then, you’re just going to have to be patient. Capricorn guys are every ambitious, so you don’t want to rush into a relationship and then not have enough time to devote to that special girl. She’ll show up when you can make space for her.

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