If you are among those who regularly read the horoscope, you know that it often has positive points, and sometimes some negative points. Some will learn a lot about them today! Because everyone has an astrological sign, and everyone is entitled to his … mythological creature. So, the connection is all found. 

Know that myths have been written to explain why life and our existence are what they are. Different creatures from different mythologies represent all personality and character traitsthat we find in humanity. Fear, pride, gluttony, shame, violence, loyalty, all these characteristics are embodied by these creatures. The signs of the Zodiac come from mythology … so it is logical that each sign corresponds to a mythological creature too. 

Want to know which one is related to your sign? There is only to look for it in the list below:

Virgin (23 August> 22 September)

You are Anubis, the Egyptian guardian of the gates of the beyond. You are a guarantor and an observer of humanity. Without your work and your presence, the traditions would surely no longer exist and Man would no doubt be uprooted. Through your mission, you inspire confidence and the word “betrayal” is completely banned from your vocabulary.

Libra (23 September> 22 October)

You are the Medusa (also called Gorgo). Some people think it’s old, scary and nasty, but it’s mostly the opposite that’s true. She is a trusted person who does not like being alone or single … despite her snake hair that petrifies any mortal who looks into her eyes. You avoid confrontation as much as possible and love everything that is romantic.

Scorpio (23 October> 22 November)

You are Golem. You could have been born poor, without access to information, and you would have become rich and brilliant. Your great principles are truth, friendship and love. On the other hand, you hate hypocrisy and injustice. Initially, the Golem was destined to be a slave, but it rose up against those who wanted to enslave it. If you are angering a scorpion, you will get the same anger.

Sagittarius (November 23> December 21)

You are a Centaur. You characteristics: observer, posed and free. But above all, most of all, you have an immense thirst for life, love and experience. You cherish the presence of others around you and fill the world with positive energy.

Capricorn (December 22> January 19)

You are the Chimera. And as you may know, your name means “a little bit of everything”. You have the head of a lion, a snake, a goat, and in addition, you can fly. Your personality can change at any time and that makes you empathic to others.

Aquarius (January 20> February 19)

You are a Banshee, from Irish Celtic mythology. Very intelligent, she is sometimes able to feel things that will unfold in the future, like death. You can appear very pretty and very calm but also enter into dark anger that everyone dreads.

Fish (February 20th> March 20th)

You are Pan, the human with goat legs, from Greek mythology. And although you are sensitive, creative and completely in your world, you are obsessed with your two passions: art and sex. You spend your days surrounded by nymphomaniacs. Although you are not hurting anyone, your vision with blinkers can scare some people.

Aries (March 21st> April 19th)

You are the Valkyries, these warriors who, in Nordic mythology, serve Odin, the master of the gods. You are one of the heroes who mark history, have a lot of courage and never let go until victory is yours. The main quality that characterizes you is bravery.

Bull (April 20> May 21)

You are a gargoyle. The most protective and loyal sign of all the Zodiac, it is very difficult to become a friend with the gargoyle. But once the links are created, they are created for life. In true being responsible, you do not hesitate a second to do everything to take the greatest care of the people you love.

Gemini (May 21st> June 21st)

You are Cerberus, the famous dog with three heads and the tail of snake, of the Greek mythology. You are wild but loyal. You can be interested in people and even love them, but you are and will always be your own best friend. Despite the fact that you can feel emotions for others, you remain very lonely.

Cancer (June 22> July 22)

You are the beautiful and majestic Pegasus. Your father is Jupiter and your mother is Jellyfish. You are not aware of your beauty or your uniqueness. You prefer to support and help those lucky enough to have you in their life. And the least we can say is that you perform this function perfectly.

Lion (July 23> August 22)

You are a dragon. You are powerful, impressive, beautiful but also scary. If you needed it, you would be able to burn an entire city. You go through your life like a tale and are not really worried. Your main quality is your desire to take time to enjoy the people around you. 

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