If you have to give a gift to a friend or loved one Cancer but you do not really know what to offer … In this article we give you some tips that could delight them. That said, remember that the characteristics of the sign Cancer also influence for many in the kind of gifts. The Cancer is a very emotional sign, although they try to hide it. Any gift associated with their memories (childhood, friendship, love …) will delight them. Remember that this is a very familiar sign too, they will prefer a personalized gift to any material thing.

What a gift to offer to a Cancer man

  • If they love cooking and have a good appetite: Cancer men will be happy with a book to learn how to cook; and if they already have some ideas, you can offer them a good recipe book. If they are typical recipes from a country where they traveled, even better.
  • Accessories for the home: slippers or a dressing gown. Even a bathrobe. He loves his home, so any gift that makes him feel comfortable at home will be a very good choice.
  • A trip as a couple: the ideal plan for Cancer is a weekend with the person loved in the city where he has always dreamed of being. To find out which city it is, it’s your business.
  • A gift from friends: the perfect gift is a photo album where appear the best moments shared with the group (dinners, celebrations, trips …). This will pack him.

What a gift for a woman Cancer

  • For Cancer women , the gifts are very similar, but in female version. You can offer them a romantic weekend ; but look for a place that pleases them where you’ve been before. Try to book the same hotel, if he liked it. It will be a good place to think about the relationship during this time.
  • For the cooks: a cookbook will please them too. They like to innovate, so it’s better to look for a book with homemade recipes, those of always. Thus, you can cook together these traditional recipes.
  • Everything that evokes memories: you can make a photo montage or a video in a simple way. Use the images that are part of her life, she will surely be very happy.
  • Only for her: accessories for relaxing bath or, if you can afford it, treatment in a spa.

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