If you have to give a gift to a Sagittarian friend or relative and are not sure what to offer, in this article, we give you some suggestions that may delight them. You must remember that the characteristics of the Sagittarius sign also have a lot of influence on the type of gift. Sagittarius is optimistic and independent, the fact that you offer him a gift will make him already happy (more than the gift in question). By the way: they love to travel!

What gift to give to a Sagittarius man

  • For the most epicureans: a few glasses of wine, a nice carafe and a few bottles of an excellent red wine. Ask about his tastes and you will definitely guess.
  • Complements for his travels: a backpack where to keep all his memories, good mountain boots, maps or, even better, a GPS. Subscribing to a magazine like National Geographic will please him if he is a traveler and adventurer.
  • If you can afford to offer him a trip: a safari in the African savannah will fascinate him (it will be a good place to bring all the other gifts). If Sagittarius is not so adventurous, you can offer him a trip to a destination he’s never been to but where you know he’d like a lot to go. A romantic weekend in a small town but with a lot of charm will probably be the best gift .

What a gift for a woman Sagittarius

  • The Sagittarius woman is very adventurous, so if it’s the season, you can offer her a trip to ski in a mountain area where she has never been. If this is not the season, you can try to find a destination for adventure sports like rafting, climbing or canyoning.
  • The total to practice among his favorite sports will also be a very nice gift for Sagittariuswoman .
  • For those who have a home: Sagittarians love to be outdoors, so think of garden furniture. What is missing or what can be renewed? The perfect gift will be a barbecue for large gatherings with friends.
  • If you can, give him a camera or a digital camera. She will love to immortalize all the good times you spend.

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