Baby Fish

Like a baby fish in the water

Her personality

This dreamy baby is discreet, sensitive and receptive. 
Its element is the water: baby Fish is carried by the current, it appears, escapes, then plunges! It is not always easy to follow him. Neptune, planet of dreams and imagination, governs its sign. 
Hypersensitive and shy, the child Fish will have to learn to live in life and not in his dreams where he escapes with a disconcerting ease. 
It is a touching and friendly baby: you will not resist its charm for a long time. The planet Venus is exalted in her sign! He is calm, sleeps a lot and calls for loads of hugs. A jovial home, tender, attentive is essential to its development. 
Communicate a lot and be demonstrative in your love with your baby Fish.

How to help it grow?

The child Fish lives in his bubble and loves to tell stories. He confuses the real and the imaginary. Your education will rest on the connection between him and the world. This world he observes but of which he often remains distant. 
You will have to bring it back to reality by inciting it to action constantly and firmly. You will have to be careful to maintain the balance between the games where he isolates himself to which he will indulge without difficulty and those where he will be surrounded and that you will suggest him. Privilege the sensory games, make him classify objects by colors , shapes, give him puzzles. Reward him when he reaches a result, encourage him warmly!
Walk it often in the nature, make him fondle the animals, ask him to name them, then to draw them, he will thus develop his practical sense. 
The children’s songs are excellent for promoting his verbal expression, and the music fascinates him. Too many sitting games are not recommended because they promote escape.


Baby Aries

Baby BELIER darkens!

Her personality

You’re not going to get bored with mini ram, an energetic baby, quick-tempered, a real winner! 
His element is fire. Mars, planet of the war, governs its sign, it will surely be a conqueror. He goes first and thinks afterwards. With such a cocktail, he will be bold. 
Its sign is that of pioneers, Aries initiates change, always moves forward, and new challenges stimulate it. It is carburizing to vitality, and intensity is its hallmark. 
Impulsive and independent, the Aries child is at his head: you must pay attention to the many falls, because it is unwise. It will also be spontaneous, and direct, with him it’s black or white!
If he gets angry, let it go, do not outbid! Patience, calm and your warmth will be your best assets as parents.

How to help it grow?

The Aries child needs to express his energy, so focus on contact with the greenery and / or the countryside, daily if possible. 
It is impulsive and reckless, you will need to make sure to remove any harmful or dangerous element from its reach. Anticipate his actions as best as possible, but do not break him. His repressed energy would be expressed a hundredfold! 
You have to tenderly impose on him to set the course by setting goals for him. A loving understanding of his temperament will help him greatly, and you will be able to reward him justly.
Encourage him to test games that promote perseverance such as building games. Because the Aries child gets tired quickly and moves his passion on another action very quickly. Ban noisy games, and if possible TV, because it needs silence to land. 
Instinctively, he has the taste of combat, promote sports. Fencing, for example, will teach him to resist his impulses and instil self-control. At bedtime, stories of cloak and sword, knights will fascinate him!


Baby Bull

Her personality

Mini Taurus is a tender baby, greedy, calm, sensual and instinctive. Affectionate from the cradle, it attracts attention. It is that Venus, goddess of arts and beauty, governs her sign! 
He asks for a lot of hugs, tenderness. A peaceful home, caring parents are essential. 
Baby Taurus is also a greedy baby, you will need to ensure a balanced diet without excess. 
He has a strong sense of ownership while having a very good heart. Not touching his business! 
Baby Bull’s throat is fragile, watch out for drafts! His anger is rare but can be violent, wait for him to calm down to talk to him.
Baby Bull seems slow to action, but he is enduring and patient, at his own pace, he builds!

How to help it grow?

The bull child requires a lot of attention, affection. He may be sulky and ruminate over his grievances, you will first have to ignore this temperament, but if this turns into a grudge, you will help him by directing him to objective interests. 
He loves walks in the countryside, contact with nature promotes his psychic development. 
“When a Bull starts, you do not stop it!” But starting sometimes takes time, so to stimulate it, go for rewards and encouragement. Punishments do not work with this stubborn child! 
When it activates, it shows persistent, it is then necessary to inculcate the sense of limits, teach him that sometimes around the obstacle rather than attack it.
For enlightenment, choose creative games like play dough or memory games that are great for this kid who holds everything he learns. The collective games such as the balloon will encourage him to adapt and will promote his reactivity.


Baby Gemini

We move with Baby Gemini!

Her personality

Baby Gemini is a lively baby, precocious, clever, curious and talkative! Nervous, he is still moving. 
He has his eyes wide open to the world, a world that fascinates and stimulates him. Hyper sociable, he communicates from his cradle. Mercury, the winged god of communication, governs his sign: it is not surprising that he wants to see everything, hear everything, try everything, discover everything! 
But baby Gemini is also easily irritable and nervous, so favor contacts with nature, where you can walk as often as possible, make him breathe the fresh air, it will channel and calm. Let him frolic, run: he loves! His freedom of movement is indispensable to him. 
A simple, harmonious and affectionate atmosphere will favor its psychic development.

How to help it grow?

Baby Gemini is constantly agitating, you will have to show patience and gentleness with consistency , because he … does not have any! 
Child, he loves the company, so organize snacks, parties, outings with his friends. He needs their presence to build himself, these are a mirror. 
But beware of dispersion! You will have to help him stay focused: a whole program. Punishments do not work with him, he’s a real trickster! Stay firm and understanding to earn your trust. To help him, instill a ritual in the course of the various activities: the game at this time, meals to another. Respect the schedules, these marks are essential to him.

His worst nightmare: to force him into absolute silence and immobility. Favor the games that feed his thirst for movement while developing his perseverance and sense of effort: the dances, the ball games … The games that would force him to sit bored him deeply!


Baby Cancer

Baby Cancer, this sweet dreamer

Her personality

Your baby will be affectionate, emotional, inquisitive and sometimes nervous. The Moon, a maternal symbol, governs his sign: he is a fan of his mother, who, omnipresent, occupies an important place in her life and in her home. 
Sign of water, it is hypersensitive, its moods evolve according to the ambient atmosphere, which can make it whimsical. It can be capricious, possessive and demanding. 
It is also said of him that he often has his head in the stars! It is indeed a child who overflows imagination, and who escapes willingly from reality. Introverted, he will tend to curl up in his shell, you will then have to listen, watch and, while cuddling, help him return to reality. 
Baby Cancer enjoys exceptional memory, sound need of sleep is so big. A peaceful home, a serene and loving family are ideal for its development.

How to help it grow?

As baby cancer is hyper emotional and very intuitive, play the sentimental card thoroughly as it works to affect. You will need to find the balance to satisfy her need for affection while not encouraging her hypersensitivity. 
If he is sulky or jealous, you will have to convince him of your tenderness, of your love. If Baby Cancer is crying, which is common at home, divert his attention by distracting him. 

This child is tenacious, sometimes it is better to let him go to the end of his experiences so that he realizes that his parents are right. 
It is a shy child because of his sensitivity, but ambitious, encourage him to express himself. 

Music, drawing are excellent for him. The creation will allow him to less “dream his life”. Take a walk in nature, teach him to watch, observe, pick, stroke the cat, listen to the birds sing … This will anchor him in the concrete. 
Privilege the games arousing the movement, the action: the dances, the games of hide-and-seek … Introduce it very early to the bike, to the scooter, to what moves.


Lion baby

Lion baby reigns supreme!

Her personality

It is an active baby that is, early, warm and logical. 
He likes that all that shines, it is not for nothing that the Sun governs his sign! The lion child illuminates a room with its flamboyant charisma. 
Dynamic, he can not stay idle. It benefits from an exceptional vitality, it is all fire, all flame! 
If he is bored, he gets angry and can steal memorable anger: let him do it, he expresses himself! Do not extinguish this aspect of his personality, the consequences would be detrimental to his psychic development. The Lion child considers that he is the center of the world and must learn to find his place.
Affectionate, loving, generous, it is by the heart that you can lead it on the right path. To grow, he needs your encouragement, a warm and calm climate.

How to help it grow?

The Lion child has confidence, he likes to control, which leads him to often be excluded by his comrades. You will have to teach him the art of modesty. 
By asking simple words about his actions, you will teach him lovingly that he must pay attention to others. By helping him to correct his illusions, he will discover his own limits. Establish a regulated living environment that he will respect. Consistency and authenticity are essential for him to grow in confidence. Do not overdo it, you will not do him any favors. 
Privilege the contact with the nature, do not hesitate to offer to him very early a small pet. Surround it with a multitude of toys so that he does not get bored. Promote human exchanges, group games, dance maybe. Give him a nice box of construction games like the Kapla. Teach him to enjoy physical exercise, swimming, football … that will allow him to let off steam, to breathe and to take the measure of his abilities.


Virgin baby

The wisdom of Virgin baby

Her personality

Are you the model baby who attracts compliments? Almost … 
When he opens his eyes, it’s the end of summer, the beginning of autumn. The days are getting shorter, hence the anxious and timid nature of the Virgins. He is a child who thirsts for security: in his shell, he risks nothing, he said to himself! The regularity in bedtime, meals, walks and games reassures him. However, you will need to be creative and diversify activities. 
Mercury, planet of communication governs its sign. Very early, Mini Virgin expresses himself, his reflections are striking, but he is not a great talker!
Virgin baby is in no hurry to walk, always face this fear of the unknown. A particularly warm, tender, reassuring and serene environment will favor its psycho-emotional development.

How to help it grow?

The Virgin child is a little worried, so play the card of human warmth thoroughly! Avoid leaving him alone too long, because if he knows how to take care and aspires even to his tranquility, he sometimes isolates himself from the world. He is so discreet and kind that sometimes he is forgotten in his corner, stimulate him, go and get him! 
It is up to you to reassure him on the sentimental level, cover him with kisses , caresses , teach him to express his feelings, his emotions, to open on the outside. Help him to less intellectualize, however be logical with him because he is analytical and observant. 
Do not hesitate sometimes to break the regularity of his living environment, in order to help him connect to the world. Read books that exalt the taste of travel. You will soon be able to invest in a painting with chalks of colors, thus encouraging him to draw, which will be for him a very beneficial source of expression! Card games, memory will fill his analytical mind.


Baby Balance

Baby Balance, the easy kid?

Her personality

Mini scale is a graceful baby, jovial, endearing, easy. Charmeur from the cradle, it attracts sympathy. It adapts easily. Luv, tenderness, harmonious climate, comfort and beauty are essential to him. 
You will have noticed that baby Libra comes into the world with the manual of the “beautiful” under the arm, Venus planet of love and beauty, control her sign. 
Fashion victim before the time, he will be quickly autonomous to get dressed … Especially let him do it! 
His eyes are sharp, striking, this child Libra will be ultra sociable, because he loves the company and hates loneliness. He turns out to be a player and he is right, because by playing freely this child grows well! A warm, tender and serene cocoon will favor its development.

How to help it grow?

Highly sensitive, play the sentimental card thoroughly, it carbons feeling. Avoid hitting him, redouble tenderness, encourage him, the effort is not his main asset say. 
Baby Balance, connected to the air (its element), is sometimes carried by the wind! So you will have to be clear in his education, to lay down rules – yes or no, white or black! – to make them just, otherwise he will rebel. 
It will also require honesty in his education. Do not fool him, be frank, set fair rules, be firm on prohibitions and instructions if you are away. He needs you to not hide the truth from him to maintain confidence and respect the established order.
He enjoys classical music, especially if it is heard in your home, and from a young age. Privilege games of skill, collective games, those where he will learn to make choices quickly, because it is an indecisive nature. All that implies a body expression is going to delight him!


Baby Scorpion

Her personality

The little Scorpion appears as a curious, passionate, instinctive and voluntary baby. He looks mockingly at the world, he watches you out of the corner of his eye. Pluto, the great transformer, governs his sign. 
But the Scorpion child likes to destroy to better rebuild. He lives to the end and goes to the end, it’s a daredevil! You will have to teach him to control himself. 
This temperament requires discipline, regularity and consistency in the different activities. 
He can not bear the stress and is not very manageable, but he walks to affect. Surround it with love, tenderness, understanding, do not point it out, you will see that the time factor will play in its favor in its personal development.

How to help it grow?

Baby Scorpion loves to break his toys. He will love piles of old newspapers, which he can rip at his leisure. He loves fighting games too. Then promote sports activities that require precision and respect for others, such as archery or later boxing, because he will learn to control himself. 
The activities of sand, modeling, clay pottery are also good to choose. Let him demolish his sand castle and offer him to recreate a bigger one. His pleasure of destruction will turn into a pleasure to build and his thirst for creation will be satisfied.

Mini Scorpion works on instinct, he follows his way with will and passion. Do not confront him, let him do it … An annoying obstacle and he would get angry: you will have to remain calm and divert his attention so that he lets go! He is curious by nature, take him to the museum, see exhibitions, shows, because the child Scorpio likes to discover, to see, rather than to imagine. Read him adventure books, fight stories, he loves! 
The future of baby scorpion

Sagittarius baby

Baby Sagittarius, the adventurer

Her personality

It’s a mischievous, cheerful, restless and independent baby. Jupiter, planet of expansion, governs its sign, normal so that with him it is … always higher! 
For him, life is an adventure, he wants to travel and discover the world! Always alert, he thirsts for knowledge, and the acquisition of language and walking are fast at home. 
This little Sagittarius loves to play, explore, discover, it is through play that he identifies with others, he grows in awareness of the world around him. He highly appreciates the company, do not leave him alone for too long. 
He can be calm, then the next moment, turbulent. Its sign is twofold: the reflection will succeed the action. By surrounding him with human warmth and love, he will find his balance despite this ambivalence.

How to help it grow?

Sagittarius baby loves outings outdoors, so let him frolic freely, express his beautiful vitality. Thus, he will let off steam, because his need to spend himself is great. 
He loves sports, from a very young age you can play with him. Kite for example, because it will feel like escaping, and it will fill his thirst for space and infinity. 
Expansive and spontaneous, he will have to learn patience. Pony rides, the acquisition of a bike are excellent for channeling energy. Remember to always encourage him, to always congratulate him when he has achieved all the objectives you have set. It carbons compliments and medals!
His nature is also thoughtful, games that involve good memory will help him develop this aspect of his personality. 
You can read stories of adventure, fairy tales: the Sagittarius child loves! But offer him only in his moments of calm. Imposing a rest activity while being agitated is not a good idea. Let him let off steam before!


Baby Capricorn

Capricorn baby, peaceful baby

Her personality

What a wise baby, active and calm at the same time! Silent like the time that punctuates the season when it is born. It is a chilly and placid-looking child who hides a warm interior. It shows a practical and logical character; normal, in winter, we save! 
It seems slow but in reality, he thinks. So he will walk when the right time comes … for him! His appetite is moderate, do not force him. 
Under the influence of Saturn, planet of time and structure, the baby Capricorn’s horizon is far away, he is ambitious and serene. The Capricorn child is connected to the earth element, it is sensual and refined. 
Be genuine, tender and affectionate with him, so you will gain his confidence and he will grow peacefully.

How to help it grow?

Baby Capricorn is a loner who appreciates his space, where he can isolate himself to build himself. This calm, these moments of pause are essential to its development. Introverted and independent, you’ll have to rush him to help others open up. In contact with his comrades, he can express himself. The children’s rounds and gesture games are, for this reason, excellent for him. 

His education will involve a stable living environment, and you will have to be creative to make room for the unexpected in secondary activities. 
The child Capricorn loves nature, it is the resource; winter sports are for example excellent for its balance, gardening also.

Games of reflection and concentration are beneficial to him. In order to stimulate its reactivity, you will initiate it very early to ball games. Mini Capricorn is persevering and enduring, and your warm encouragement will help him access and enjoy these activities, unattractive to him at first. 
The moments of reading are privileged moments in his relationship with you.


Baby Aquarius

Vivid, the baby Aquarius

Her personality

Aquarius is a little sociable, charming, but also restless and sometimes capricious! 
With Uranus, the rebellious planet, the star of the revolution that governs her sign, baby Aquarius loves novelty and adapts to change with rare ease. 
His element is air and he needs air! He is a child awake, his eyes shine and he scans the sky in front, above, in the distance, it stimulates him. 
Impulsive and sensitive, the family home should be serene and peaceful, and his life well regulated so that he keeps his sleep. 
This little Aquarius can be unpredictable, his anger is rare but lightning, just like those of his planet which symbolizes the lightning! Understanding, warmth and tenderness form the ideal cocktail for his psychic development.

How to help it grow?

Baby Aquarius loves change, book him surprises in his activities, improvise, surprise him, he hates routine! The novelty is going to delight him. Stubborn and independent, he does what he wants when he wants. 
Do not oppose him, authoritarian discipline does not suit him at all. You have to skew with him, set limits like nothing, gaining sympathy. 
To satisfy its dreamy nature, walk it in the green as often as possible. Leave him free to frolic as he pleases. 
Promote the sensory exercises, because for nothing, it’s a brain! Make him touch the insects, smell the flowers, run after the butterflies …, he will link the imagination to the real. After this escapade, let him draw what he felt, touched, seen!

Baby Aquarius is fond of companionship, the other is his mirror, because he likes to please and to feel loved. Inventive games will nourish his thirst for novelty in calmness and perseverance. Physical games and sports promoting respiratory capacity, so going to the pool, running, rollerblading later are beneficial.



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