Nobody wants to be near the Virgins when they are angry . All the qualities of this sign disappear when he is in a bad mood. This is due to one reason: he does not listen to anyone except his own anger. When Virgins are angry , it is difficult to change their minds, reach an agreement or even endure their whims. There are, however, techniques that can help you master the situation. If you want to know how to calm an angry Virgin , take the time to read these tips we give you about everything.

Steps to follow:


It is easy to know if Virgins are angry because their temperament and character do not allow them to hide it. However, the virgins will think that they hide very well their feelings. So, to avoid triggering the wrath of the Virgins, the best thing to do is never to ask if they are angry . They would feel betrayed, they would be embarrassed and, above all, they would answer you laconically and, sometimes, roughly.


To calm an angry Virgin, it is recommended to leave him alone for a moment . This earth sign needs to have a space to think and evacuate the feelings that overwhelm it. This will allow him to control his anger himself, to use his analytical ability to determine why he is angry and to know if it’s worth being angry again. He will approach you very soon to apologize or start a conversation.


If a Virgo is angry and has reason to be angry, it would be best to apologize immediately . The personality of the Virgins makes them want things to be calm and everything goes well. That’s why they accept the excuses very well and, once the excuses are done, their anger will begin to dissipate, until they behave as if nothing had happened.


In addition, to calm the Virgins angry, it is good to know that this sign does not support the cries . If the person is irritated and starts shouting at him, the situation will get worse because he is made to feel that he is unable to dominate the situation and resolve the conflict. When it comes to discussion, Virgins like to do it calmly, to express their point of view, to have the opportunity to express themselves, and then to listen to each other’s point of view and argument.


Virgins can go from anger to sadness very quickly. If you insult a Virgin, play with your character, or question your reputation, you may feel very bad and even start crying with anger. This is why it is recommended to calm an angry Virgin with a lot of subtlety . Choose the words that you will use in the discussion and above all respect your point of view and opinions.


The worst thing you can do to calm an angry Virgin is to ignore it. The Virgins like to be the center of attention and like people to know that the situation does not suit him and that he has been hurt, although he believes to hide all these feelings. Ignoring him and turning a blind eye to his anger will only make the situation worse. It is better to confront the virgins. As it is not recommended to ask them if they are angry, use phrases like, “What can I do to rectify the situation,” “Excuse me if I offended you, was not my intention, “I’m sorry you’re not good.”


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