If you are among those who regularly read the horoscope, you know that it often has positive points, but also (rarely …) negative points. Some will learn a lot about them today! Because everyone has an astrological sign, and everyone a boring side. So, the connection is all found. 

Today, we will reveal the worst traits of each sign. In general, the most unpleasant aspects of our personalities are only sneaky, in very particular situations … But in reality, your birthday already says everything about you. We tell you everything.


Aries (March 21st> April 19th)

You are one of those who are not afraid to argue with a stranger in public. Your temperament makes that in some situations it may be very embarrassing to be at your side. For example, even on a crowded terrace, you have no qualms about telling her four truths to the waitress a little too slow for you. In short, you often go away, and never disassemble yourself.

Bull (April 20> May 21)

You are probably the most stubborn in the world! So much so that some even go so far as not to tell you their opinion. They know that the debate with you is lost cause. Psychologically, you are an unshakable wall. Of course, it can attest to a certain stability, but it is also very annoying for those around you.

Gemini (May 22> June 21)

You are the person who is always making bad plans, canceling all the time at the last minute. When you say that you want to go out, you are leaving while you always end up changing your mind. Learn to think and think before giving your word, there is nothing more annoying than a friend you can not count on.

Cancer (June 22> July 21)

You have mastered the art of asking uncomfortable questions. And the worst part is that you do it with people you love: your friends, your family. One tip, try to calm the game with this annoying trend. Indeed, even if we do not always tell you, nobody likes to be the target of this kind of particularly intrusive and embarrassing process.


Lion (July 22> August 22)

You are always fishing for compliments! Yes, you are good at everything. Yes, you are charismatic. Yes, you are perfect. In any case, that’s what you want to hear. But beware, this way of always bringing the subject to oneself, to always put forward, could annoy some. Unfortunately, it’s stronger than you, you need it.

Virgin (23 August> 22 September)

You are the person who sends dozens of SMS messages when your friends are late. Inevitably. But do you know that by doing that, you put them even later? In general, they are in a hurry and you add extra stress. All your small actions can annoy them. Take a deep breath, calm down. It will be fine.

Libra (23 September> 22 October)

You always avoid telling the truth for fear of doing harm. You have the talent to go around the bush, especially not to use certain words and very often end up telling people what they want to hear. But do not be fooled, everyone understands it. As a result, for an honest outside opinion, we will not come to see you. Assume your positions and your opinions!

Scorpio (23 October> 22 November)

You are the king to do the opposite of what you say. With you, it’s “do what I say, not what I do”! You say everywhere that you love loyal and genuine people, but do not give the same thing in return. If you want to keep your friends, a council correct the shot. It is high time to apply the beautiful values ​​that you preach.

Sagittarius (November 23> December 21)

You are always on top of the trend! Very often, you are excited by a fashion, dive deep into it, and then quickly move on to something else (that is, to the next mode). For example, you will self-proclaim vegan for a month, then sell to all your friends a small bistro of homemade burgers the following month. In short, you are what is called a hipster.


Capricorn (December 22> January 19)

Sorry, but you’re telling it serious! It may be in spite of you, but you still sport a little upper air that makes you particularly cold. Obviously, like any self-respecting craner, you tend to take others off. Plus, you think you’re always right. Be careful, these little fads will quickly tire everyone, including those around you.

Aquarius (January 20> February 19)

You are typically the person who does too much. Unfortunately, being different, having a style, a way of thinking, these are things that come naturally, and that do not invent themselves. Your desire to appear free and open-minded makes you, in reality, completely closed and intolerant of people you consider to be conformist. Nice try, but the rendering is not there!

Fish (February 20th> March 20th)

You are the king to keep people waiting! If you had to pick one, your favorite phrase would definitely be “Almost there! “. Phrase that you send (too much?) Often to your friends by SMS while you are just out of the shower. The fact that you are head in the air does not help your disorganization. And although it is disrespectful to keep others waiting, you do not hesitate to do it.

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