They are reliable in friendship

Bulls do not easily bond with each other. They pay attention to their dating. Their confidence is hard to have but when a Taurus becomes your friend, he will always be present. Bulls are sincere, frank and devoted friends, in short, perfect friends! 
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They are loyal

In love the natives of the sign are loyal and faithful, their goal in life is to build a family cocoon. They do not like deception and lies , they want to be able to trust their partner. Bulls have trouble sticking, but when they like their feelings are very deep and honest.

They are sensual

They love carnal pleasures and are very fond of them. As a couple, they enjoy giving pleasure to their partners and filling them. They know how to be gentle, charming and romantic. Bulls know how to handle art and the way of sensuality, they love carnal moments and know how to express it.

They are frank

Although it does not please everyone, the natives of the sign are very frank, bulls like to give their opinions. They do not like to stay on unsaid, which is a good quality especially in friendship. They will always have good advice and will tell you what they think without filter.

They are strong

Bulls have a tenacious character and do not let go before the first difficulty. They are combative, their obstinacy leads them far in their personal lives as their professional futures. Thanks to that they promise themselves a brilliant career.

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